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  1. If you're using Chrome you can tweak what adds Google shows by going here http://www.google.com/settings/ads/authenticated
  2. Pursuit

    I had a feeling. Man they've done a lot since the it first came up for download
  3. Pursuit

  4. Impala

    Me with GTA modding right now
  5. Fast traveling via a cab is the only thing I can think of.
  6. Night Blues... and reds...

    and yellow
  7. New Transporter

    Personly, I have no idea if I'll be able to finish it. Can't spawn it in game for testing. Waiting on latest scripthook and trainer
  8. New Transporter

    Sweet, Great to see my models being put to good use

    Ah good old IV, soon I'll be back on the rivers of the concert forest
  10. Statement from Rockstar on OIV

    And this is Rockstar saying sorry for what T2 did and once again are saying they are ok with SP modding, but not online modding. Rockstar is not the bad guy with the whole OpenIV thing, T2 is.
  11. New toy for the LSPD?

    From the album 0taku media

    I'm slowing getting back into working on the ESU truck, so far I'm just bug checking because I haven't done work on it in a while. I'm sorry for how long this project is taking, a lot has happened.
  12. 0taku media

    GTA V shoot's from Zmod W.I.P to messing around
  13. Lspdfr on ps4

    Actually no, I can't remember where I read it but Rockstar said they don't mind people who mod SP for GTA V on PC, they only care about the people doing MP mods or the one that mod GTAO
  14. Damn, I was kinda hoping the Commodore would live on as the SS (Both cars are the same chassis). But alas it seems like GM is discontinuing the whole chassis. Sad, It is a really nice car all around.
  15. From the album 0taku media

    Work in progress shot of the ESU truck for you guys, Still a bit of work I need to do on it. Sorry it taking a while, not really feeling GTA or modding right now.