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  1. Installing Vehicles

    Sorry didn't post last night but everything seemed to work. I did have one game crash and there was one time it was a bit laggy but nothing out of the normal really. I'll have to see how it goes when I get to play longer. Appreciate the help.
  2. Installing Vehicles

    I think that did it, will try it after dinner tonight and make sure it all works properly with all the other plugins/mods I have installed. Let you know a bit later.
  3. Installing Vehicles

    Just out of curiosity.... I noticed the gamconfig file in your signature is different from the gameconfig you posted in your step-by-step tutorial. Is one better than the other? Thanks
  4. Installing Vehicles

    I will re-check the names again, but am pretty sure they are all the same in both meta files and the xml file in ELS folder. You know what the limit of add on cars is? I think I installed 12 or so last night. I will look for the gameconfig.xml, but it's version based isn't it? Last time I looked I didn't see the version I had, it was one number off.
  5. Installing Vehicles

    I am new to this LSPDFR and have a question about installing ELS vehicles. I am following Albo1125's video on how to install them. My first question is can I change the car file name to anything? In the video he just changes the "2" in the name to a "6", but I am guessing I can change the name to whatever I want as long as I change it everywhere he says to in the video, is that a correct assumption? Reason I ask is because the first vehicle I entered worked, but all I did was change the number, but then I was trying to add 7 different vehicles so i changed the names completely to keep them straight but when I try to launch the game i get a fatal crash. I am wondering if there is some line(s) of code that I am supposed to enter between vehicles in the meta files that I didn't do since I added 7 of them compared to just the one only that originally worked. Thanks
  6. Hmm hoping to redo controller since hitting all the numbers while driving might not be the best, guess I could see.
  7. this might be in the comments but what key or controller button do you use to activate smart radio that doesn't mess with ELS?
  8. I did finally get it to work, think I have most of the controller buttons figured out even though the phone still pops up when I don't want it to. Also I am not sure how to direct a person I have stopped to a new location or move forward.
  9. I don't think its a controller driver because I uninstalled all three mods so that I only had the original LSPDFR mod and latest RageHook installed and the game went back to working normally. I will try installing the mods again and see what happens. Is there a document on what the controller buttons are supposed to do when LSPDFR+, Police Smart Radio, and Arrest Manager are installed?
  10. do the Albo1125 mods work with controllers? I installed the main three and when I started the game the controller buttons were doing some weird stuff (non-stop fire, start recording, etc), and the camera view was static, I couldn't look around. Just wanted to check if it was a controller issue or something else. Thanks

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