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  1. Question

    Ok I think I screwed up so I have completely reinstalled GTAV. Now according to Albo1125 players should make a copy of their original game file. So before I have even started playing I have went to My Documents / Programs / Rockstargames / and clicked copy on my GTAV file. Now when i go to start with mods and screw up will I be able to delete the original file and use the copy one or should i move the copy file somewhere else so it does not have anything added to it.
  2. GTA5

    All i know is that I am reinstalling Grand Theft Auto 5. I went to the website on my computer and I could sign in just fine. But when i went to use RagePlugin on my desktop it would not take my email or password. So I am going to reinstall this crap all over again, then have to deal with hours of modding again and then possibly get to play the game tomorrow
  3. GTA5

    So I went onto LSPDFR earlier. I signed in using RagePlugin Hook and all is good. I logged off because I had to do some stuff and now I went to get back on and behold Nothing. It wont accept my password or email but when i log onto the socialclub website all is good. so in uninstalled GTA. All that freaking work and busting my ass for hours installing everything and then this happens.
  4. GTA5

    Ok i was doing awesome on LSPDFR and then i had to log off to do something and when i went to get back on it i cant log in. says no email found. I went to the website and i can log in just fine. I reset my password and it sent me the link to my email. Rockstar plugin is not accepting it.
  5. GTA5

    Wow that was easy thanks man Now can someone help me with the make visuals great again i cant find it
  6. GTA5

    Ah ok well that does make a lot of sense and makes me more comfortable. I went to GameStop and I purchased the digital code for GTAV for like $30.00. Everywhere else was like $60.00 as well as on steam. I am currently installing the game now which is taking awhile but hey it is new so all is good. I use stream because I play Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Spintires MuddRunner and other games. What I would like to know is how could I add this game to my steam library?
  7. GTA5

    Why does so many people tell me to get the steam version because something about updates and all that. I am on disability and struggling with money right now. I want to get the game but something is telling me if I get the disc version I will have issues. I want to play the LSPDFR and all just well it is hard to put into words how I feel right now
  8. GTA5

    so it does not matter if i have the disc or steam LSPDFR will work just fine either way?
  9. Disc VS Steam

    Ok yesterday I posted a question and got a response. Now funny thing is I can not find it so all is good. Here is what I want to know. Now there is a GTA5 game at my local Wal-Mart for $30.00 new and all. Now on steam it is $60.00. I do not really have the funds to be spending out like that. I want to play LSPDFR and do some stuff. What is the downfall to having the disc and what is the upside?
  10. GTA5

    ok thanks
  11. GTA5

    Hello there I have a question about the game ok. I want to get the game for myself however I am thinking about getting the disk Would I still be able to do LSPDFR and all without any issues?
  12. ELS restore?

    Ok i have went to the discord support and asked multiple times how to fix something and never getting a response that I can use. I have explained it as much as I can and the run around I get is just retarded so I thought I would come here and try. OK so yesterday and last night the game ran like a champ and i loved it ok. Was installing cars and scripts and all was sweet. Now today I go to get on the game and have an issue. When going down the road in the patrol car and I hit the S key to stop it activates the lights and siren. It use to be E on the basic cars and J for ELS but for some oddly god reason it has chanced. [ CONTROL ] AllowController = true Toggle_LSTG = 74 Toggle_SECL = 75 Toggle_WRNL = 76 Toggle_CRSL = 219 Toggle_TKDL = 221 Toggle_BLKT = 220 Toggle_SIRN = 71 ChgPat_PRML = 85 ChgPat_SECL = 73 ChgPat_WRNL = 79 Sound_Ahorn = 89 Sound_Manul = 84 Snd_SrnTon1 = 49 Snd_SrnTon2 = 50 Snd_SrnTon3 = 51 Snd_SrnTon4 = 52 Snd_SrnScan = 53 Snd_SrnTonX = 54 Snd_SrnPnic = 71 TogInfoPanl = 80 TogKeysLock = 145 Can someone help me with this issue because it is driving me nuts. Thank you and good day
  13. Installing LSPDFR

    Please give me the link. Can we become friends. I really want to talk to you and PROMISE it wont be hours of work and all. Just a little guidance is all i ask please.
  14. Installing LSPDFR

    Please give me one more chance. I will listen. I have a pretty good view on where things go finally and all. I just need your help @A Stranger please help me. I beg you please forgive me and talk to me. No more then an hour if that. I will listen carefully and professionally and politely and ask certain things to clarify what i need. Can you please help me @A Stranger I know how to do this. I have tried this yesterday but for some reason i keep messing up in ELS. I want to show you what I have learned from you. I want to show that I can change. I want to prove to everyone what I did yes was wrong but a person can learn from their mistakes and sit back and look and listen to what people tell me. I want to have fun. I have to have various vehicles. I want to make some videos. I want to be able to enjoy myself with all the lovely stuff that this has to offer.
  15. Installing LSPDFR

    @A Stranger I have finally figured out most of how the mods work. I am asking you to assist me if you would for thirty minutes. Just allow me and you to speak and then get on to doing what we need to do. I pretty much know what I want and have a pretty good idea how to get it where it needs to be and it works for me. I just need help on a couple of things and then all is good. I ask of you to assist me please. I deleted LSPDFR because I could not get anyone to reply to me. Now I have reinstalled the game and asking for help one last and final time. But here is the thing. No matter how people act....it does not give the other party the right to ignore them and then to MUTE them for no reason. I was in chat, I requested help, no one replied. I call out some people and I get muted. Now how childish is that. Yes I know what I sent you. Yes it came from the heart because I felt you would not work with me any longer and thought i was some stupid ass child. No I am thirty-six years old. Trust me I have learned how to do a few things I just need a little extra help. PLEASE help me today and I am going to be happy as hell. All I want to do is get a few cars, some various scripts ( which is pretty easy to install ), Good light pattern, and that visual mod thingy you told me and yes i am good. Yes I admit what I said to you was wrong. Yes I should not have barked out at you like I did. Please give me one more chance. Let me prove to you what I have learned so far and then what I cant figure out you help me. I have to admit you will be impressed on what I have learned so far LOL

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