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  1. Blaine County Sheriff Pack

    *tries to urge not to install* damn it, I can't resist. I have always had my county themed sheriff pack and up until I saw this one, I've kept it. These vehicles are truely amazing!
  2. For me, there are many glitches in the newest update. The only thing that works for all of your plugins is the call-outs and the smart computer. Everything else does not work, even if I re-install. In the traffic stops, half of the time people don't even notice I do have my sirens on and I have to shoot their vehicle down for it to stop. Especially the generated violation vehicles. I cannot access any controls for a traffic stop, and the tow truck does not work when I write a ticket. The court case doesn't work either. I am on a brand new Dell Inspiron Core i3 processor, 8 gigs of ram, and the latest version of everything that is required to run your plugins such as rage, GTA 5, your scripts, etc. This really frustrates me because I cannot get the full police experience! Please help, Roulge
    Vehicles easily tip over, lights on the lightbar travel too far, the loader does not load half of the vehicles in, and THE UNINSTALLER DOES NOT WORK! I had to delete my mods folder and redo the whole thing because when I deleted the installation script, it transferred all of my vehicles into stock vehicles. Thanks for wasting my time and messing up my game.
  3. Unmarked Ford Police Interceptor Utility

    Looks nice, but lighting placement isn't ideal. As well as whenever you are in a pursuit, for example, your vehicle will most of the time roll over when you want to take a sharp turn.

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