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  1. LPCallouts

    All hail LowRid3R <3
  2. This is an amazing idea, please keep up the awesome work!
  3. Backup that stays until dismissed

    Been wanting something like this for a while. Nothing more annoying than requesting a Code 2 unit just to have them immediately get back in their car and speed off.
  4. Is the Xbox One chatpad worth it???

    I would love to know this as well
    Best and most accurate FPIU on this site. Keep up the great work!
  5. Yes the prisoner transport partition
  6. Does anyone know the make/model of the prisoner cage the LAPD uses in their FPIU explorers?
  7. Whats the recommend point in the game to play to

  8. 2015 Chevy Tahoe LSSD

    Amazing model! It's the only one I ever use. My one suggestion is to have the lightbar takedown (white) lights come on steady burn with the high-beams/spotlights.
  9. Are the lights supposed to come on with the sirens when you hold down the Manual key/button?
  10. @OfficerFive0 WOW! Dude, your Arjent is SO COOL! Amazing work!!! You are the best modeler on this site, hands down!!! How did you make such an awesome lightbar?!¿!?!¿!? Is this the kind of credit/recognition you feel you deserve? It's pretty obvious that @DroidRZRLover didn't steal your lightbar and that he has been helping @Desmond develop/test this model for a while now. So why do you come in here trying to start shit?
  11. Using your microphone as a megaphone?

    Please please please make this. I have wanted this from day one. Who doesn't love yelling at suspects?
  12. Map not clearing itself of blips

    Same issue here on RPH 0.43
  13. The Maze Bank Arena resembles a scaled down, domed iteration of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Maze Bank: LA Coliseum:

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