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  1. I've just installed it as an add-on vehicle, and the dials worked flawlessly. There maybe some overriding issues with my police3 slot, but anyway, I can accept it as an add-on. Btw, it's really a nice model. And thank you for all your responses @Desmond98
  2. I have the meta file for other slots installed, so I edited the lines for police3. So you mean I should try a simple replacement?
  3. Yep, but still not working. And I'm really confused since it should be working theoratically.
  4. Yep,I've installed exactly in police3 slot, but still no luck. The main problem is the line <dashboardtype> and parent child line in the txdrelation part correct? I believe they should be feroci. But the hands still don't show up...
  5. Emmm, it seems that editing the .meta file still doesn't work.
  6. Is there any configuration file that I need to install for the ELS version? The gauges aren't working properly at the moment. I mean there are no pointers on the dashboard for the ELS version. My apology if I've missed anything.
  7. LAPD CVPI ELS (SouthLAnd Based)

    Yeah, quite a shame that only the one with steelies is available. Looking forward to the hubcap version since Southland uses hubcaps instead of steelies. Any possibility of releasing the hubcap version in the first screenshot? Anyway, nice Patriot lightbar, Denflor Seems the latest updates of GTA V have made in-game wheel replacement with trainers no longer feasible
  8. What're ya lookin' at?

    Glad that you are starting again! Your models are of the highest quality ever. Good luck, Izick! As for motivation, I believe the 5-star ratings of your models are the most encouraging. Modding is entertaining. Do not put burden on yourself. Mod whenever you want.

    This is indeed the most authentic slicktop I have seen. Great job! But for realism, maybe there are still points to improve, 1. There is a problem for OFFICERWALLER's LASD that his mirrors do not reflect anything. And it seems that the spotlight on this vehicle still has the problem (you can take a look at the screenshot). 2. The partition is a bit crude since it is from OFFICERWALLER's LASD which is for a 1999 model. 3. The hubcap has some weird texture on it (also refer to the screenshot). Seems like the cvpi_brake_disk texture is somehow overriding the hubcap texture? Of course, I'm not saying that OFFICERWALLER's LASD or this vehicle is bad. I appreciate every modder's hard work. But, yeah, I am looking forward to making this model one of the best CVPIs released on this website. Anyway, keep on the good work. This vehicle will be in my game for at least a long time, if not forever.

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