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  1. 2017 Ford F450 Superduty Platinum

    This is a sick truck.... I can finally tow an aircraft carrier :)
    Most accurate and best NJSP skins out there...
  2. Whelen Epsilon

    AMAZING... Not much else to say.
  3. Blaine County Sheriff Pack

    This is truly incredible. I cannot believe how amazing this pack is! I absolutely love the textures and the intricate designs on the model! Tremendous work Maurice! Please keep it up. If you guys enjoy the looks of this amazing pack and wanna see it in action take a look!
  4. [ELS] 2017 Police Ford Raptor

    I have been waiting so long for a nice Raptor in this game! Thank you so much man! You did a fantastic job! Everything from the taillights to the steering wheel was very well done! I couldn’t help myself but stream it!
  5. [4K] Billerica Police Department Pack

    Thanks a lot!!!
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Billerica Police Department Pack Billerica is a small town in Massachusetts and I found out how amazing their liveries are so I decided to make some for lspdfr! There are a total of 5 amazing vehicles! This is however my first skin pack I have ever done in my life, so if I got something wrong, kindly let me know in the "comments" section . INCLUDED LIVERIES: 1. Billerica Police Caprice (2013) 2. Billerica Police FPIU (2016+) 3. Billerica Police CVPI WITH Traffic enforcement and K9 Liveries! 4. Billerica Emergency Management Police CVPI 5. Billerica Emergency Management Ford F-350 PLEASE RESPECT THE AMOUNT OF TIME TAKEN AND CHECK OUT MY PATROL WITH THIS PACK, IF YOU ENJOY PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING THESE VEHICLES FPIU: CAPRICE(USE MARKED): SLICKTOP CVPI(FOR OLD DESIGN SKINS): CVPI(USE FROM THIS PACK): FORD F350(USE F350 SD Ver 2 WITH THE "NO CAMPER VERSION"): KNOWN BUGS -For the F-350 Make sure to remove all tint with the trainer to get the lights on the back window to work. -Also if you have both CVPI's installed, and one of them is in the police4 slot make sure to Remove tint with the trainer to get the lightbar to work. IF YOU HAVE ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS HIT ME UP ON DISCORD: https://discord.gg/KTtxncw Thanks everyone for taking a look! DO NOT RE-UPLOAD OR REDISTRIBUTE THIS PACK CLAIMING IT AS YOURS!
  7. There's a weird lightbar tint on this model. I have to change my window tint to get it back to normal. Any other method?
  8. [ELS] 2015 Dodge Charger Unmarked

    INCREDIBLE charger man!!! It's just fantastic! I absolutely love the ALPR's and the overall design!!! Keep up the awesome work brother!!!
  9. 2017 Dodge Charger Unmarked

    Absolutely love this charger!
  10. DMV in the fictional city of Boston

    Already done! I'll be making a Billerica pack! I only have the FPIU done though.
  11. [ELS] RCMP Mega Pack *REDONE*

    I have been waiting for this pack for an eternity!!! Thank you so much for making it man! It's really awesome, and as Canadian it means a lot to showcase our vehicles! Speaking of showcasing I made sure to stream your vehicles!!!
  12. BCSD Silverado .1A

    I don't have the words to describe the awesomeness of this silverado! I honestly love the small details and the badass look in general! Keep up the truly amazing work Trent! It was so outstanding I had to make a video on it!
  13. San Mateo CA Police CVPI Pack

    Hey Epic you did a fantastic job creating this mini pack! It's absolutely stunning! In fact, it was so good I had to do a video on it!!
    This is really a breathtaking pack! I absolutely love the awesome detail and effort, as well as the extraordinary slick design!! Great job AJ!

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