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    Liberty state,Liberty City.
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About Me

Liverty City Police Derartament Data Base


Worker:Gerald L. Sanchez




Rank: Sergeant


Location:Central sector (Middle park east,Nothwood,East Holland)


Service weapon:G17 pistol,Remington 870 shotgun




Service car:Police buffalo




Place of residence:Middle park east




Codename: BRAVO 7





Little about me:


I Sergeant LCPD Gerald Sanchez. I am 37 years old. I was born and grew up in Liberty City, on the island of Torrington, now Alconguin. My father is an immigrant from Mexico, my mother is a native of LC. In childhood we were not rich, I often fought with the boys and not a very good student in school. Enrolled in the College and passed the unified state examination in all subjects at отлично.В 28 I enrolled in the police Academy, but the police came only in 31 years. About myself I can say that I'm the guy with the character and not always act according to the Statute. I think that the only reason I'm still alive...In 36 I received the rank of Sergeant, now, I continue to work in the police and catch the criminals in Liberty City.




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