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  1. [LSPDFR] Not working properly

    ALT+TAB problem is fixed. Any suggestion on how to fix the Simple Trainer?
  2. [LSPDFR] Not working properly

    Current problems only the Simple Trainer and the ALT+TAB.
  3. [LSPDFR] Not working properly

    Another problem. Every time when I ALT+TAB and return to my game, the game crashes. Any suggestions on that too?
  4. Hello there. Today I started my GTA V and started playing, teleported to the PD with GotoPD command. After attempting to enter PD's locker room the cops started chasing me and shooting me. Then I tried to run my Simple Trainer with F4 but it's not working too. I don't know what is happening, yesterday everything worked properly. Any suggestions on fixing that?
  5. I need your help!

    And you can play LSPDFR, right?
  6. Thank you for the quick answer. I downloaded the MOD and everything works perfectly. This can be locked.
  7. RAGE Plugin Hook Problem

    Thank you very much. This can be locked.
  8. Hello there. I'm trying to run LSPDFR, but when I try to run the RAGE Plugin Hook I come to the stage where I have to press Yes or No if I want to backup game version. I can't press them, trying to press No not working, trying to press Yes doesn't work too. Any fix?

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