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  1. Emergency Uniforms Pack - Support

    The other night, I uninstalled and did a complete reinstall of GTA V. This was due to many mods not working and for cleaner organization. One of those mods was EUP Law & Order. It briefly worked on the first install but afterwards came up saying “Law & Order not installed.” I have installed and uninstalled, downloaded and redownloaded multiple times, and after completely reinstalling GTA V as a whole.. I just had it work briefly once again, and now it is saying it’s not installed once more. I’m not sure what else I can do. Earlier, when I installed it from OIV to the mods folder, it showed up in my mods folder, but then it vanished. There’s no trace of EUP anywhere besides the menu, even though it said it was successfully installed. Any ideas? Please and thank you.

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