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  1. Zmodeler3 Ped Swap

    Thanks, I figured the exporting out, now just stuck on the "Binding part".
  2. So I've been dealing with ped textures here the last couple months. So last night I decided to download "Zmodeler3" and try out the "15 Day Free Trial". So I started diving into swapping out ped models. I watched what little tutorials there was on Zmodeler3 dealing with peds. Here I've imported "S_M_Y_Sheriff_01.YTF then I imported in "S_M_Y_Sheriff_01.YDD". So everything is good so far. So I import the "S_M_Y_Hwaycop_01" ped, everything aligns up, so I don't have to readjust anything. I basically just "unclick" all the "components" on the Hway cop, except the head. Then I "unclick" all the head components on the Sheriff Ped. Leaving me with all the Sheriff features with the one "Hway cop" ped. So after that, I export it as a .ydd file, but nothing shows up in the file. (The overall goal of this, is to replace all the "Sheriff" ped models with the "Hway" ped models.) Please, any help, I really want to get this down. Contact me on (Discord) Moonah#6850 if you want to voice/chat on fixing the problem, If it can't be fixed here, thanks.
  3. Declasse Merit Classic - LSPD

    Nice looking car, do you happen to know where I can find those ped downloads?
  4. Hey, what's up guys. So I've been messing around with peds for a few months now. I've been wondering how to add different ped models to ped packs. One that i'm working on right now is Yard1's LSSD enchaned deputy pack. I'm trying to add the hway cop ped models to the pack aswell. I'm stuck on what to do, any one that can help? Thanks. (I don't want to lose the other peds in the pack, I want to keep the LSSD peds, but want to be able to add as many different peds from other packs into the one pack.)
    Great texture my man! Do you mind saying what font you used?
  5. Whelen CenCom Red

    Anyone know how I can implement the little "click" when switching in between sirens for FiveM?
  6. Reworked Taser Sound

    Will this download work on FiveM?

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