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This member was suspended for 12 months on November 18th, 2013 for a serious violation of the Community Guidelines under Interference, Obstruction and Circumvention, relating to actions and posts intended for the sole purpose of 'trolling' and interfering with the normal operations of the community as a whole which unfairly affects our members. Furthermore, this member also posted spam topics asking what it would take to get banned and wondering why he wasn't banned already - this should answer his questions.


If you want a custom car feel free to PM me! I will do my best to get you your car as quickly as i can!

Currently I am NOT ACCEPTING car requests.

If you want to join my Modeling group click here - http://www.lcpdfr.co...-3-customz-r557

A Big thank you to GTAxB0SS, Ssanchez10, and GradyFetherstone for supporting me in the begining of my modeling career! You guys are awesome!!!!


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