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    Check out my videos and see how we play then check out our website and join the team and lets have some fun.libertycitygov.enjin.com
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  1. ST. Tammany Parish CVPI

    I love this model has all the things I wanted in a CVPI, only thing that bothers me is the split in the lightbar for the secondary. But other then that I have used this model and have not changed it from my mods since it has come out in 2013. Awesome work.
  2. Albany Police Pack

    are you able to make it red and blue? I have been trying to change the lights to half red and half blue but it always stays blue
    the light setup in front of the charger is on point looks amazing.
  3. Robbinsville Township Police Department Pack

    do you have the template for the skin, I'm trying to get a black and white color skin.
  4. Random Gamplay Img

    Shot that were taken during Gameplay
  5. Accident in Leftwood

    Do you have that ped? or do you know where I can get it?
  6. Welcome to the Jungle

    thanks everyone for the good feedback
  7. Welcome to the Jungle

    I used to create videos for my clan. But since I dont really have time to maintain my clan. So instead I created a video to Promote LCPDFR.com. Let me know what you guys think. Also check out my other videos on my Youtube and hit like or drop a comment on what you think.
  8. Chattanooga Police CVPI Texture

    What model is that car?
  9. Liberty County Sheriff and Police

    BraidenC the model can be found in gta4-mods.com and search soap. He should come up. I edited the textures to look more realistic with a black vest and pouches
  10. Liberty County Sheriff and Police

    LOL, that's a good thing. LCPDFR never gets old
  11. Liberty County Sheriff and Police

    Thanks guys its cool that my first video got up to 3400 views I know this one wont go that high because the audio restricts it to play on mobile but it's cool people are still watching it

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