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  1. Hey by any chance do you still have this ambulance,and if so,how did you make them?  Thank you!

    NLEMS F 450


  2. lizard lick towing

  3. [WIP] TSPD Pack V1.2

    Latest Pack Im working on, all local unitsMade this pack a while ago, just redoing them with better parts and far more accurateLet me know what you thinkStinkace2
  4. House Fire

    Hahaha you concern me sometimes
  5. Three New Las Vegas Police K9 2015 Chevy Tahoes

    hey look my ENB again, still wondering how you got, cause didn't get it from me!
  6. Las Vegas Police on scene of a 406A

    Who gave you my ENB because I surely didn't!!
  7. [WIP] LCFR-V2.0-Pierce-XT.jpg

    From the album GTA IV

    Working on a LCFR Pierce XT pumperLet me know what you think!Still a WIPStinkace2
  8. [WIP] TSFD Pack V2.1

    thanks man, working on it now
  9. [WIP] TSFD Pack V2.1

    From the album GTA IV

    WIP pack Im working on All local units, pack will not be released private use only sorry Stinkace2
  10. New Skin, Sheriff *still wip*

    really like that skin! Would totally use it
  11. NLEMS F 450 V2.0

    From the album GTA IV

    Current WIP got the idea from Nightwatch, great show! Let me know what you think graphics by soutar4x Thanks Stinkace2