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    Harbor County, Liberty City
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    Serving, protecting, and ensuring the safety and positive quality of life of the over 8 million residents that call Harbor County home.
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Harbor County is the most consistent, professional, and realistic GTA IV Role Play community around. 2014 marks our 2 year anniversary, and we look forward to continuing to provide the most realistic role play experience available.


HCDPS is a GTA IV Role Play community dedicated to simulating the actions of emergency service responders.
We use modified versions of the PC game Grand Theft Auto 4 to role play as sheriff’s deputies, firefighters, and paramedics in the fictional world of Harbor County.

Led by a community driven leadership structure, the members of HCDPS are able to simulate a variety of actions from day to day law enforcement and fire / ems responses to specialized events like raids, aggressive traffic enforcement, ongoing criminal investigations, and large scale emergencies.

We are currently accepting applications for various positions and are seeking motivated cadets interested in realistic role play! Please visit our website at www.harborcounty.net for more information!


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