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  1. Fictional Police Los Santos

    I love these textures! Hope you can make a pack one day! Maybe add TSU and Supervisor ones too!
  2. BCSO Pack

    If you pm me i can send you some good dev models! and i will thanks you
  3. BCSO Pack

    Crap i men't to put 5 stars I am sorry about that lol just hope to see more vehicles because I freaking love that lightbar!
  4. BCSO Pack

    OMG YES!!! I am loving you!! If you can maybe try to do a mega pack because you are amazing! Keep up the great work!!!
  5. Thank you!!

    Dude @Maurice97 YOUR AMAZING!!!!!! Your models are so high quality and I just think that is awesome! Thanks for doing what you do.
  6. 2016 BCSO Charger

    Love this thing looks amazing! I hope you could make a lot of cars with that light setup its awesome!!
  7. Legacy is back

    Any legacy cars you have you should release because your an amazing modeler!
  8. Legacy is back

  9. [4K] Los Santos Police Department Pack

    Love these they look freaking amazing hope I can try these out soon! Well i love these liveries so please add more lol
  10. [ELS] Wichita Police Pack!

    I tried out these models and I love them! I recommend to add rambars to all the vehicles. The vehicles are very nice and I love the skins. My only thing is the Slicktop Charger the inner lightbar in the back is really dim but other than that amazing pack! Thanks you.
  11. Question? Is there a way I can change the color of the skins on all vehicles??
  12. [ELS] BCSO Vehicle Pack

    Do these models not support skins i put new skins on the cars and its not showing them in the yft?

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