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  1. That looks amazing. Love the model and equipment. Plans for release?
  2. New skin pack done,8 vehicles ,2 departments, 64 skins

    Damn! Looks good. Love the screenshot angle btw
  3. Hey, I left a comment on your youtube video, but I might as well ask here aswell. Could I have the link to the car and the siren you are using? (if you happen to have them) Thanks! Great mod!
  4. Your best LSPDFR screenshots?

    Awesome screenshot. One question. Is that LSPDFR showing the "ID" and wanted for etc? Or is a mod? Just wondering. Looks pretty cool. P.S. Maybe later when I have some time I will post a few screenshots.
  5. Vehicle Modifications in GTA V

    This is going to be amazing. Can't wait to get started!
  6. Windows 10

    Hmm. Are you running any other mods/addons besides LSPDFR? That might be the problem with me. I'm going to go and investigate. EDIT: Make sure you run RPH as Admin. That did it for me. So simple, yet makes the best of us scratch our heads lol.
  7. Windows 10

    I have tried, but it seems that RagePluginHook is crashing at startup. I've tried starting it first, it crashes. I then tried starting GTA, letting it boot up to my spawning, then ALT-Tabbing and starting RPH, but it crashes again. It's been reported plenty of times on RPH's site (I checked when this first happened) so it's just a matter of them releasing a compatibility update.
  8. Latest RAGE Plugin Hook

    .1e is working fine for me w/ the newest RageHook. Police stations are shown on the map and callouts work fine.
  9. New scripthookV Out

    Awesome. Good to know. Thanks for the info.
  10. LSPDFR 0.2 - Stun Guns & More

    This is from Rockstar's in-game police recordings. This was the same fror GTA IV also. The reason (I believe at least) she says "uhhgggghh,ummm" in between every sentence is so they can mix and match samples. So say sample 01, 02, 03 and 04 all have the same ending, they can be mixed and matched so they are more "dynamic" and not just the same sample over and over again.
  11. Multiple Dead In Shootout

    That's great. Really interesting perspective. How did you get that? Camera tool (mod)?
  12. Modding and V

    ​I was interested in this also, so I took it to Google and found the following: This is a "story" about it: http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/76033/20150226/gta-5-pc-mods.htm And this is their source: I for one don't believe this, but I can be wrong. Also, the dispatch.meta looks very, very interesting.
  13. Do I need to finish Campaign to play LCPDFR?

    This. Do the first few missions before you pay LCPDFR. And then go into your phone and turn sleep mode on.
  14. Complicated title, I know. What I am wondering is what actions are binded to what buttons on your controller (in LCPDFR). I am looking for a good setup for my controller for LCPDFR.