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  1. Arapahoe County Sheriff Centennial, CO

    Yeah same here. I'm actually about to apply to PSA so that'll be cool. And I've been using your vehicles for quite awhile haha. So good work on those, they're fun to see in game
  2. Arapahoe County Sheriff Centennial, CO

    Yeah we got it figured out and I was just wrong. I lived in Arapahoe County for 9 years and never saw one. They must've changed them right after I moved to New Mexico
  3. Arapahoe County Sheriff Centennial, CO

    Just in case you want to give that another shot lol
  4. Los Santos Police Department Mega Pack [ELS]

    Great pack for sure, just two minor questions. Do you have plans to add a 2015-'17 Tahoe? If not no big deal. And one other small request, would you consider adding more liveries to the FPIU? Just to mix up the unit numbers and such for variety.
  5. If you don't mind me asking, what slicktop charger is that in the pics? ive been looking for a slicktop without a wraparound for ages
  6. BCSD Slicktop Crown Vic

    This car is fantastic but how do I change the plate? When I change the livery the plate texture for other liveries doesn't show up for some reason

    Looks great, however is there any chance a non-wrap around push bar will be added? Been looking for one forever and I already have an unmarked Charger with a wrap around

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