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  1. Can the police maverick helicopter back doors close?
  2. Thanks! Looks pretty good. Really appreciate the work. :)
  3. For the default AS350 model I would like the texture if anyone is willing to make it.
  4. One in custody after foot pursuit with MDPD

    Can you shoot me a PM? Miami-Dade is local for me and would love to have your vehicles.
  5. Deputy Injured in Crash While Pursuing DUI Suspect

    Woah did you custom make these skins for the firetrucks and ambulance? Where can I access them?
  6. Palmetto Bay Taurus CVPI Charger - only photo I could find Cutler Bay CVPI - Found out the font "Linotype Automatic" is the font used for Cutler Bay Charger - only pic I could find Town of Miami Lakes CVPI Charger City of Doral CVPI
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hXxNSWULVA
  8. Homestead Police

    Is this GTA V?
  9. sneak peek

  10. sneak peek

    Can't wait man! keep up the great work
  11. sneak peek

    if you add the MDPD taurus, charger, and explorer that would make the MDPD pack complete and I already have your CVPI which is awesome btw
  12. South Miami PD

    Can you send the link for the texture? Unable to find by mroxplay
  13. sneak peek

    charger looks amazing! waiting for the update :)

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