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  1. FIB HRT Uniform - EUP Texture Mod

    They sure do love to stand in doorways to rooms that are not cleared alot.
  2. Ponoka Fire Department Rescue 3 WIP

    You should probably provide a link to the vehicle this skin is designed to work for.
  3. 2016 Ford Explorer FPIU SAEMS [ELS]

    Since someone else asked for it already here is the Red/Red setup I just put together.
  4. 2016 Ford Explorer FPIU SAEMS [ELS]

    Yet another awesome model. This is going to be my EMS Sprinter/ Supervisor. It almost replaced t0y's Tahoe for my command vehicle. For those wierdos like me I have attached all my Red/Green Setups.
  5. [ELS] Police Dodge Durango

    You need to fix your NPC AI driver dummy, Generally he is like 20 ft outside of the car on the drivers side. Could be one of the passengers.
  6. LSPD - Police Variant

    arrive alive. Looks like you have a typo
  7. Also doesnt help that units report to whatever Battalion/Brigade above them and its not always their organic command structure. So Company XYZ which has 150 bodies might report to battalion 1 who they are opcon to even though their home is battalion 2. Battalion 1 reports they dont have those numbers current with them. Battalion 2 reports them as theres somewhere else. Command and control is always fucked up on where personal are or who they are assigned to.
  8. Memory Lane - December 12, 2014

    Hrmm. Dec 12, 2014 I was boots on ground in GTMO.
  9. Chevy Silverado LT Ext Cab addon/replace

    On Candice's discord there are a few guys working on what your asking for. Its going to take time as some of the models were converted from other sources and need to be worked on. If your lazy there is that guy on Facebook that charges $25-40 per model.
  10. LSFD Vehicles Maybe someone can do?

    Your biggest issue is non els tends to be a pain in the ass for most of the developers I know that might be working on fire trucks.
  11. [ELS] 2015 Ford Rescue Medic

    I attempted it using albos modding folder but for some reason even with fresh copy/pastes from the main meta files and the renames it just does not want to be an addon.
  12. Mod to Touch Car

    Most of the answers here are correct. Not only did it leave evidence that yes the officer interacted with your car incase you ran it also helped to ensure the trunk was closed. You will still see officers touch somewhere on the vehicle now. Most of the time though its closer to whatever door/window they are going to interact through. Prime example if you killed the cop and got away and 2 days later you get pulled over again and they arrest you as a suspect. When they test your car for evidence and find said deceased officers fingerprints on your car your going to jail for a long time.
  13. I like. You might even be able to replace the camaro I have in FBI slot with this if it works
  14. [ELS] 2015 Ford Rescue Medic

    Any chance of you being able to make this as an addon install?
  15. Depending on what you do for the Army already you may have a leg up. Your actual training means absolutely dick and you should go into this as a sponge and soak up all their ways of doing things because that is all that matters. The fact that you already have some training makes you a more ideal candidate as they know you shouldn't be johnny shitbag from back on the block. In saying that your going to be nervous. Its what the test is designed to do. Be truthful honest and take your time answering questions but do not put too much thought into them. Its not just what you say its how you present yourself. Think about it the same way you would approach a board for promotion(NG generally doesnt do these) or a Soldier of the Month/Quarter/Battlion. Dont sound rehearsed. Dont sound deadpan. Do be honest. Do be truthful. Do answer it the same way you did on your applications as long as its honest and truthful. If you lied on your application your already fucked. Dont elaborate any answers unless they specifically tell you to.

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