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  1. Thanks for the advice, but unfortunately it did not work. I am still having the same issue.
  2. After being dispatched to a callout my character will not exit the vehicle I am using, I have even tried to spawn into another vehicle using a trainer but still no luck, the character will spawn into the new vehicle (civilian and emergency) and still wont exit. No matter how many times i press the exit button my character will go right back into the vehicle I am trying to exit. This only happens after I get dispatched to a callout and it doesn't matter which call it is. I can exit vehicles without an issue before receiving my first callout. I can execute traffic stops without an issue as long as I do them before my first callout. What happens is I press the exit button to get out of the car, my character will get out of the car then immediately re enters the car without me pressing anything else. This problem occurred with the last update and continues with the current update. Any help would be greatly appreciated. RagePluginHook.log
  3. ELS - I cant get AI to recognize it

    Problem solved, once installed the car pack i was using without the vehicle meta and carvariation meta included with it everything works just fine now. Something about those files cause ELS not to work right for me. Thanks for all your help though!!
  4. ELS - I cant get AI to recognize it

    It is set to false
  5. ELS - I cant get AI to recognize it

    Its a default police slot, i have all of my police cars installed in patchday14's folder.
  6. ELS - I cant get AI to recognize it

    It does blip on the map and notifies me that i can pull them over but the siren does not blip. When im going to calls with stage 3 lights the AI isnt yielding either with and without sirens activated. My game is acting like i am not using any form of emergency lights or sirens.
  7. ELS - I cant get AI to recognize it

    Appreciate the info, ive tried this and it dont fix my problem unfortunately
  8. ELS - I cant get AI to recognize it

    Gta V has ELS now man
  9. I recently installed ELS, i put it straight into the game after downloading it without moddifying any of the settings. While in game all the lights work flawlessly, but the AI traffic wont pull over when i am running stage 3 lights with the siren on. I am NOT able to execute traffic stops either. I blip my target vehicle but when i turn on stage 3 lights the vehicle keeps driving normally. Is there some sort of tweaking to the files i need to do before using ELS or am i missing something else? The mods used with ElS were LSPDFR, traffic policing, arrest manager, assorted callouts, smart radio, and radiance v. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  10. Is there a mod out there that disables fort zancudos air defense? I tried the never wanted and everyone ignores player settings in a trainer but i still get shot at when flying over the base.
  11. After installing this mod I got in a car chase and requested backup, backup would spawn, however they would not engage in the pursuit. The units spawn frozen in the middle of the road without any lights or sirens on. I was using the ragehook version 1.2. When I removed this mod it fixed the frozen backup issue. This mod is a great idea but unfortunately doesnt work for me yet.