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  1. Yeah, his vehicles are good. Well to be honest, most of the modders are great here. From liveries to models and scripts, you guys made GTA 5 better than GTA 5 lol. Anyway if you are considering thehurks, shoot him a message, I believe he is working on another mega pack.
  2. Hey Akra awesome job! Would you consider a 4k for thehurks CHP pack, or his his vehicles rather? Thanks again for this texture pack.
    Very nice, very nice indeed. I really hope to see more of these from you. Thank you very much!
  3. Right, i made a sticky note so i would remember, i also mentioned it in my review.
  4. Your probably right, i have so many callouts installed i really dont know what is what anymore lol.
  5. This is going to be amazing, you really have some good mods. This is going to open up a entire area of experience for everyone. Atleast you wont have to wait for extended approval time.
  6. Im using the standard right now, after reading your information. This sounded like what i was looking for, Its a great mod!
  7. Left a review already. just wanted to request more callout support, like MISC, NICE,CRAZY. Im not a modder at all so i have no idea of the work involved.Regardless, thank you very very much for this must have mod.
    After you play while and the newness wears off, you will need this mod. This is a must have mod! Easy install, just remember to reinstall it if you update a callout. Please add support for more callouts. Thank you for your time and work on this, very appreciated. 10/5 stars
  8. I just want to say thank you again for keeping this going. Im sure everyone appreciates it very much.
  9. Have you tried dragging the files to desktop first then dragging to GTA? Sometimes dragging straight from the zip messes things up.
  10. Make sure you have the correct xml loaded with the correct name/slot
  11. Have you tried two cars at the same time by a different modeler? Just trying to rule out that part. I know that im not helping much, i was hoping someone with alot more understanding would chime in for you. The key binding for that is Alt+\ The entire list is in the documents if you want to print it out. thats what i do, then highlight the keys need to remember The only time i have had a problem like that is when the XML is was not right.
  12. Yeah, im sure its something i did. Ill reinstall it and try again. do you have an idea about the other question i had? " I can get my E vest to show up in EUP, but the C and D does not show up. I changed the names of the vest im trying to install to the name of the stock vest. Im assuming i did it right bc my E vest shows up in Extras " I apologize for taking up your time with this.