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  1. Atlanta PD

    its not the same.. i have that pack
  2. Atlanta PD

    ITS LIT!
  3. Los Santos Police Department (Atlanta themed) [ELS]

    10/10 considering that i Live in ATL ive been waiting for something like this!!! "besides the fact that we don't use chevy down here, our fleet is all ford" i have one request, please please add ALPR cameras to the back of the CVPI and FPIS. other than that! good freaking job!!
  4. LSPDFR1033

    hey if you need to to voice over, i can do it I'm a dispatcher IRL up to you..
  5. LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview

    for some reason.. I'm wishing for LSPD:FR MP but i know that wont happen I'm going to remain optimistic and hope this happens soon. but this sneak peek made me moist down there.. and i haven't felt that in a while.
  6. Atlanta PD

    Any takers??
  7. [REL] ALPR+

    Is there a way that you can make the system give false positives also??
  8. [REL | WIP] LSPDFR Computer+

    Have an issue, I cannot “print” tickets via the computer. Anyone else having this issue??
  9. I’ve been playing for a while. And I’m starting to notice some of the callouts are not actual police work but rather police chases and shoot outs. Considering the fact that I am a 911 dispatcher I can provide lots of insight on the type of calls we get on a daily basis.sometime multiple times a shift. 1.domestic disturbance-this can be used with the open interiors mod, dispatch has been advised of a verbal disturbance at a residence. 2. Fight call- teenage boys are fighting at the bus stop. 3. Welfare check- mother calls 911 in reference to a relative not contacting family as it is unlike them to not contact family. 4.sexual assault-this explains itself 5.peeping Tom 6.911 hang up call- this can either be at a business or residence. 7.abandoned vehicle in alley- is it stolen? Is ther a body in the trunk? 8.suspusious person/vehicle- 9.loud music 10.vehicle repossession disturbance 11.domestic assault- male, or female assaults significant other. 12.investigate child/animal/elder abuse i have personally taken many of these halls and I can give a base for the callout. If you have any questions please reply.thanks
  10. Atlanta PD

    no problem, I will edit the post!
  11. Atlanta PD

    request #3 Memphis Police and Shelby county sheriff
  12. Atlanta PD

    Hello everyone! I have request that I think the community will enjoy and use on their fivem server and LSPDFR Request #1 Atlanta Police- besides the FPIS and CVPI they also are fielding the 2016 FPIU with a whelen legacy, they also have slicktop versions of the CVPI With MPH900 ALPR systems mounted on the trunk. Request #2 GDOT HERO Unit
  13. Request Charger '16 Unmarked Christmas Lighting.

    I would like to test also!
  14. looking for a modeler

    hello. I'm looking for a modeler that can make 4-5 cars for myself and friends that play together, the requirements are that they must be low poly, and all blue lighting. whelen and federal signal split, the 4-5 cars are as follows. 08 or 09 charger crown vic "newer year" FPIU FPIS 2013 Charger the chargers can have an alt if possible "slicktop version" with ALPR cameras on the trunk. of yo are interested please let me know, thank you

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