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  1. vdH Vanilla Cars Textures MegaPack

    1. CONTENT
    Over 100 skins for 5 models of vanilla car models. All in GTA universe, but based as much accurately as it was possible on
    their real life counterparts.
    Additional modded lights textures and badges variants.
    Strongly recommended to use with Area Livery Mod.

    Vapid Police Cruisers (32 skins)
    - Enhanced Vapid Police Cruiser by EKALB 1.1

    - Vapid Police Cruiser Slcktop By Ekalb 1.0

    Declasse Merit Police (24 skins)
    - PACK / POLC-V3.6V AND POLP-V3.5V by Lt.Caine

    Bravado Buffalo Police Interceptor (21 skins)
    - Bravado Buffalo Slicktop/MX7000 by Ekalb 1.0

    - Bravado Buffalo Police [LCPD Vector] By Ekalb 1.0

    Dundreary Landstalker (20 skins)
    - Landstalker Rx2700 V1.0 by F5544

    Vapid Speedo (15 skins)
    - Speedo-DEV 1.0 by Scyattica

    Those are only example models. You may find other models compatible with this pack. Unfortunately the latest ELS pack of vanilla cars from Lt.Caine isn't compatible.
    If you know more good models compatible with this pack let me know.

    Remember that some models have integrated light and/or badges textures into model, so it's a bit harder to change them.

    3. INSTALL
    First of all backup your files!
    If you don't know how to install textures get yourself an OpenIV and... head to google and/or youtube. There are many guides how to do this and are way better then my tries of explain something.

    All made by meeeee, vdH Abraxas. Orignal textures by Rockstar

    This pack is LCPDFR.com exclusive, so don't reupload it.
    Apart from that do with these files whatever you like. Just credit me if you use something in your projects. Basically use it as you want and don't be a dick.
    Source files are attached.

    Thanks to Rockstar, PoliceCarWebsite and whole LCPDFR community


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  2. vdH PoliceHelper

    World and traffic events, improved FDLC and EMS support, fire extinguisher, evidence collecting, road blocks, bait cars, ID check, road barriers and cones, and more.

    PoliceHelper is a smartphonestyle device to help every officer in Liberty City.
    Under stylish body made in China you'll find many features for every hard working LCPD officer. Be advised, because
    now you will face a lot more crimes on streets of LC with new World Events.

    This mod was created to work with LCPD:FR mod and using it as separate mod is not recommended.

    Please take a notice that it is still a beta release and it's a mod for a another mod. What is worse this mod was created by graphic designer, not programmer. So forgive me for any bugs. Fell free to send me bug reports and correct my grammar errors. As you can clearly see English is not my native language. You can also report bugs by google survey here » Send bug report

    READ the PH_Manual.pdf and "Read me" file to learn more on how to install and use this mod.
    Remember that now you have detailed help and all settings available in game!


    - 5 traffic events like reckless drivers, speeders, drunk drivers and more
    - various world events like drunk people, fights, mugging, injured people,
    shootings, robberies and many more

    - Check ID
    - check peoples papers
    - various data like name, DOB, address, warrant of arrest and case involved
    - cite pedestrians
    - various reactions of peds

    - Deploy barriers / road cones / flares / lights that actually work

    - Request Roadblock
    - request roadblock and pray for suspect ramming into it
    - normal and heavy (concrete) barriers

    - Request BAIT CAR
    - waiting time for thief depends on many variables like current hour,
    neighbourhood and model of bait car
    - sometimes thief will drive to hideout, follow him and see what
    will happen
    - many various scenarios

    - Call for various support
    - Improved FDLC assistance
    - Improved EMS assistance (yes, they try to be a bit less reckless)
    - Call for tow truck (available with TowServices v.1.0.5 or higher)
    - METT/Coroner assistance (available with METT/Coroner mod v.1.0 or higher)

    - Collect Evidence
    - collect weapons from crime scene and deliver them to police station
    - check and collect evidence from dead bodies

    - Fire extinguisher! Now you can put down fires by yourself.

    - News "app"

    - Easy to use settings menu and user guide. All in game.

    - Skin support and additional customisation!
    More details in scripts/vdH_policeHelper directory


    Video tutorial »

    Extract content of zip to into your scripts folder.
    Click "X" in game for a start.
    Check out "Help" menu to learn how to use PoliceHelper device.

    Official support/bash thread ;)



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  3. vdH K-9 Script

    This mod was created to add K-9 unit experience to LCPD:FR. Professionally trained dog can attack, search for firearms, drugs and cadaver in cars, perform passive search. Go on duty with your loyal four legged partner.

    If you found any bugs, grammar errors etc. make sure to tell me ;) Please write in rather than in file comments. It's easier to trace posts than comments.

    Be sure to check read me and settings file!

    Spawn police dog that will follow you
    Point your gun at suspect and order dog to attack
    Perform "quick attack" and dog will attack closest person with weapon or fleeing one. Can be dangerous for pedestrians!
    Dog can search stopped and parked cars for drugs, firearms, cadaver and explosives (bomb squad included)
    Passive ped search for drugs while patrolling on foot
    "Stay", "stay in car", "come here" commands
    Dog know how to act while travelling by subway
    Status icon and prompt system to avoid conflict with other mods
    In-car dog position editor
    Woof woof sounds!
    Many settings in INI file! Be sure to check it out!
    5 new police dog skins
    Support for EFLC
    Compatible with vdh METT/Coroner Mod (1.0.0 and above)
    Future compatibility with some PoliceHelper callouts (person tracking and checking suspicious packages)

    Video Installation & User Guide HERE »

    Controls (can be changed in INI):
    Period = "quick attack", Jerry Lee will attack the closest person with weapon or fleeing (can be dangerous for pedestrians)
    Period + targeting with firearm = Jerry Lee will attack targeted suspect
    LCtrl + Period = stay / stay in car / come here command
    LAlt + Period = perform car search on the closest car
    LCtrl + LAlt + Period = spawn / despawn Jerry Lee
    LCtrl + LAlt + LShift + Period = dog offset position editor (only in police car)

    Because GTAIV was never designed to have dogs, the dog model has collisions of human model. That means if you shoot above the dog he will be hit. Some animations may look weird too as they are not prepared for 4 legged model.

    Also I can't block the dog from LCPD:FR arrest or frisk functions. After gun point arrest dog will be deleted and spawned again immediately. On normal arrest-then cancel he will act as usual but with arrow above. DO NOT perform frisk on dog or it will crash LCPD:FR. Sadly, for now, I can't fix that as scripts can't communicate with each other without an API.


    Get GTAIV or EFLC with latest patches (you know, that awesome game)
    If you haven't already, download and install HazardX's .Net ScriptHook from here: http://www.hazardx.com/details.php?file=83 (if you have LCPD:FR installed you have it already)
    Extract files from scripts folder of this zip into scripts folder in your main GTA directory.
    Using OpenIV or SparkIV open models/cdimages/componentpeds.img file
    Replace m_y_cowboy_01.wdd, m_y_cowboy_01.wft, m_y_cowboy_01.wtd with files from Model folder of this zip
    Using OpenIV or SparkIV open audio/Sfx/SCRIPT_MISSION.rtf audio bank and replace (or add if you have EFLC, but only with OpenIV) PX2_DECONSTRUCTION file from Sounds direcotry in this zip file
    That's all!
    Dedicated to all K-9 dogs.



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  4. vdH METT/Coroner Mod

    Finally there is someone in Liberty City who can deal with dead bodies.

    vdH METT/Coroner Mod gives you ability to call Medical Examiner Transportation team, or Coroner.
    This mod is LCPDFR.com exclusive, so please don't upload it anywhere else.
    If you find any bugs, grammar errors etc. make sure to tell me ;) Please write in rather than in file comments. It's easier to trach posts than comments.

    Be sure to check read me and settings file!

    Call for METT/Coroner to get rid of bodies
    2 Speedo models for METT/Coroner van, with and without lightbar
    4 skin packs for Speedo (11 skins!) (see Skinpacks.jpg for details)

    LC without lightbar

    Pizza This! (changeable colour)
    RS Haul
    clear (changeablecolour)
    [*]LC with lightbar

    Whiz repair unit
    deepHole Road Works (changeable colour)
    clear (changeable colour)
    [*]NYC with lightbar

    FedEx Home Delivery
    clear (changeable colour)
    [*]NYC with lightbar

    clear (changeable colour)

    [*]Body bag models for both Liberty and New York
    [*]Works also indoors, on roofs, with victims in cars etc.
    [*]Examiners will try to tell the cause of death (not always successfully)
    [*]They will try to rescue victim if he/she is still alive
    [*]Highly customisable
    [*]Teleport system to prevent van or examiners from being stuck
    [*]K-9 Script support
    [*]PoliceHelper support
    [*]SafeMode for people with memory overload issues

    This one only looks scary. Read ead and everything will be fine.

    What you need:
    1. GTAIV or EFLC with latest patches (you know, that awesome game)
    2. HazardX's .Net ScriptHook from here: http://www.hazardx.c...ils.php?file=83
    3. OpenIV or SparkIV (for installing custom Speedo and body bags, not required)

    Copy scripts folder from this zip file to your main GTA/EFLC directory

    Next steps are not required but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
    Choose preferred Speedo model and replace speedo.wtf file in models/vehicles.img by OpenIV or SparkIV
    (Liveries are compatible also with )
    Choose preferred Speedo texture pack and replace speedo.wtd file in models/vehicles.img by OpenIV or SparkIV (See preview of packs in Skinpacks.jpg)
    Pick preferred body bag and replace cj_bin_bag_pickup2.wdr file in data/maps/props/roadside/rubbish.img by OpenIV or SparkIV

    Next steps are for advanced users
    Skip this step if you have installed Speedo with no lighbar, or ELS version. To make lighbar on Speedo, to appear randomly on civilian Speedos go to YourGTADirectory/common/data, open vehicles.ide file with notepad, find line with Speedo and remove "ext_all" flag
    To get Speedo vans in various colours go to YourGTADirectory/common/data, open carcols.dat with notepad find Speedo line and replace it with following:
    speedo, 112,112,112, 109,109,109, 88,88,88, 80,80,80, 72,72,72, 26,26,26, 7,7,7, 6,6,6, 1,1,1, 0,0,0,
    That's all. Oh, default key is Shift+M.

    Peview video by AussieMerc:



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  5. vdH TowingService

    This mod was created to help all Liberty City officers. Call for
    towing service and get rid of those abandoned, crashed, confiscated
    cars and bikes.

    3 modes: normal (default), fast (truck spawns nearby and drives away with a car, recommended) and rapid (truck spawns nearby and disappears with a car)
    4 types of transport (vans for bikes, flatbeds for cars, drivers, mechanics and helicopters for bigger vehicles, deleting car in extreme cases)
    two dispatchers and various dynamic sentences for them and tow truck driver
    advanced truck positioning system
    dynamic car on truck placement, so there is strong possibility that your moded cars will work!
    support of moded flatbeds (see settings INI file)
    ability to choose colours and a name for towing company
    EFLC support
    Multiplayer support*
    vdH PoliceHelper support!

    Take a look at settings .ini file, you'll find there some nice features.
    *mod supports multiplayer. Mod will automatically turn to mode 2. EFLC specific features were not tested in multiplayer

    If you have any problems, bugs, suggestions, etc. please post them in official thread. It's way easier to track posts there than in file's comments.
    Link »



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  6. vdh Police Station - Broker

    Starting your shift in lawyer's office can be annoying. Don't worry, here is the solution.Totally retextured office with over 30 new and altered objects and other tweaks to make it look like a proper mid-class cop shop.

    Hope you enjoy it. Tell me if you want to have another police station in more modern (Algonquin) or neglected (Hove Beach) style.

    - copy "pc" directory to your GTA IV directory
    *remember to backup your "pc/data/maps/" directory!

    Got any suggestions? Found a bug? Feel free to comment or PM me.
    More in ReadMe.txt



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