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  1. Big Suggestion List! - LCPDFR 1.0c (Lots of ideas)

    So...plans for your next callout mod release? Haha, I'm kinda confused now. Oh well, we can have our own opinions. Anyway, looking forward to what you do and the RTA's
  2. Big Suggestion List! - LCPDFR 1.0c (Lots of ideas)

    I hear you. I attached a picture of the definition of "accident" according to the internet. Anyway, enough of that, haha. I'm just looking forward to RTA's/MVA's In my little scenario thing I kinda thought out, I was thinking that the vehicle who rear ended the other vehicle didn't have a stop sign his way. If I understood you correctly, not sure I did.
  3. Big Suggestion List! - LCPDFR 1.0c (Lots of ideas)

    Sure there is such thing as an accident - you're driving, making a right turn after stopping at a stop sign, and you cut the turn too sharp and hit a curb. The vehicle behind you assumes you're going to accelerate at a normal speed and doesn't think you're going to hit that curb, so he doesn't slow down all the way. After hitting the curb, you can't go anymore because of a flat tire (let's just say) and you're now stopped on the side of the road, and the vehicle behind you rear ends you. That's not an "accident"? Nobody did it on purpose- call it what you want, but to me it's an MVA, haha. But I'm looking forward to the updated script with a bunch of minor calls, that would be quite fun.
  4. Big Suggestion List! - LCPDFR 1.0c (Lots of ideas)

    YES! That is one I meant to add but totally blanked out on. MVA's. That is so common. That needs to be added. Minor + major ones.
  5. Big Suggestion List! - LCPDFR 1.0c (Lots of ideas)

    But again you're going back to high priority calls, well, at least some of then. My goal was to keep it realistic. I don't know about everyone else, but when I play LCPDFR I try not to join pursuits or respond to shootouts. They really don't happen to often in most places. I like keeping it real. The hit and run is a good idea, but an officer being shot at, that already exists. A pursuit? That's there. Knife attack? I'm sure that's out there. But thanks for the feedback!
  6. Big Suggestion List! - LCPDFR 1.0c (Lots of ideas)

    Yeah, there are a few scripts that have additional calls, but they're all simple calls that could be made my the LCPDFR team as an actual callout, I would assume. Just ideas anyway. Let's see what happens Thank you for the feedback everyone!
  7. I know there is at least one other thread with some suggestions, but I didn't want to hijack it, so I created my own. Just some thoughts that would make the LCPDFR policing experience better. Check out the following link for more info: http://devblog.lcpdfr.com/2014/04/the-future-of-lcpd-first-response-1-0c-1-1-etc/ Callouts. Real police work in most places rarely involves shootings and pursuits. I have made a little list of some minor calls, which police handle every single day, multiple times. - Vehicle Lockouts Oops, someone locked their keys in the car. You arrive on scene, and somehow do some key combo to unlock the door and hopefully resolve the issue. Or something like that. I'm sure there are better ways to deal with the call. Maybe you have to press "E" at a certain point to get it to unlock, like the old suicidal call in......0.95? - Alarms An alarm is sounding at a house. You respond, have to check the doors and make sure there isn't anything suspicious going on. Maybe you'll come across someone running through the backyard, maybe they attempted to break in. Cops respond to residential alarm ALL the time. - Suspicious Parked Vehicle A vehicle is parked on the side of the road in an unusual spot. Someone called 911. You get dispatched and go check it out, make sure everything is okay. Cops get this all the time also. It would be a great LCPDR callout, even if you get this call all the time, it's common. - Broken Down Vehicles on the side of the road Someone has a flat tire. You respond, maybe put your lights on and park behind them to make sure they're safe while you call a tow truck for the vehicle. Simple as that. - Erratic Operator A driver is swerving, you check the area where the call was reported in and try to find the vehicle, stop it, make sure everything is okay with the driver. Computer. A couple things that would make the LCPDFR computer better. - History of previous crimes When you run someone, you get a history of what they have done in the past, if anything. Maybe on 2/4/2013 they were stopped for acting suspicious. Well, when you run this guy, that info would come up. Of course it wouldn't be able to save to each person, but it would add so much role play. - Previous arrest log/history Just like above, but what, why, when and things like that of when someone was arrested in the past. - Ability to run license plates Just like you can search for a person and their background, an option to enter license plates. Since GTA doesn't really have a different license plate on each car, you can just enter random ones. Basically you can enter anything and the vehicle status, who it belongs to, any history, etc will come up. So you should enter something like "123 ABC" but if you put "LCPDFR" it would bring up the same results. Hope that made sense. This would be great if you were in a parking lot checking on cars, a suspicious one comes along, you use the ALPR to get the plate, or make one up, run it, see if it's okay and all set and take it from there. Traffic Stops. Just some ideas. - Add a drivers license # to each person you pullover in addition to their name Real drivers have a license #, so maybe as well as their name, you get a number, which you can look them up with also? That would be pretty neat, or if you can not look them up by the #, at least having them will add realism. But to have the option to run them by both of those would be awesome. - Drivers license expiration date Pretty simple, doesn't need explaining. - Insurance status Pretty simple, doesn't need explaining. - What the vehicle was stopped for in the past Kinda like the person history, same idea. Pretty simple to understand. Just let's say they were stopped once for speeding, it would say that on the computer. If all these are added, LCPDFR will be quite epic. (yes, it already is pretty epic) I spent a long time typing this up, so some feedback would be nice. :) I might think of more things which I will add. Leave feedback on specific parts if you'd like. Avsports23

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