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  1. Hey, Just upgraded to the new gta v version. I am having a problem with the whole, "no action has been assigned to better/ems yet." error when using police radio. any one have a fix for this, I have a custom config for better ems and I don't wanna lose it because I have spent so much time making it right? is this an error on @Albo1125 side or with the mod?>
  2. RPD and Metro Responding A Shooting

    Just another day in good ole' Rochester NY
  3. Rochester Police NY Skin Pack

    I work for metro, we didn't go bankrupt we merged with amr because amr could afford the new equipment our budget couldn't afford strykers, maintenance on the rigs,ect. and btw we didnt even change the paint AFAIK most of them have stayed the same while some have changed, currently taking classes so I am on a 3 month leave. But from what ive seen, the merger is still ongoing process. Unless you have updated images please let me know, and if you are hiding a type one ambulance that metro uses, we could use that model as well. [update] I requested this pack, REQUESTED, because I want to play in an enviorment as close to home as I can, so thats why the skins are the way they are. @Candice
  4. Real Police Car Photo's for designers

    forward facing red, any combo of red and blue on the back/sides
  5. ELS VCF Question?

    I know this is stupid. but is there a way to set a vcf to always be on scan mode when in a certain light stage? and could someone explain how to do it, like an example.
  6. S.W.A.T. Callouts

    Read the file, it says it is currently not stable and has been for awhile now.
  7. Looking for ELS Lenoco BearCat

    is there a non els Bearcat?
  8. Is their a ELS Lenoco Bearcat and can someone send me a link? I cannot find it anywhere?
  9. FPIU Keeps Fliping

    all I renamed was the lines for police2 and police3 is that good enough or do i have to go even further down and edit more?
  10. FPIU Keeps Fliping

    i managed to copy a line and rename it to fit the police 4 lol, should that work fine?
  11. FPIU Keeps Fliping

    Here can you tell me what I messed up? vehicles.meta
  12. FPIU Keeps Fliping

    new problem, now police 2 and police 3 don't work...?
  13. FPIU Keeps Fliping

    i have it on in police 2 and it works, want me to try and copy the police2 lines to this? i managed to copy a line from another car and got it to work, IDK why it wouldnt change but here is a question. do you have to close open iv for changes to be made?