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About Me

Well, my internet Alias is Harper, I won't disclose my real name, I'll leave that to the masses.


As of late-July 2012, I was no longer a college student. I left with the grades I'd worked hard for which left me extremely happy. I'm now officially classed as an adult in the UK which feels incredible, I have a job that I love and enough financial income to lead an average life for now.


As for my history with the site, I joined around June in 2011 and just viewed threads for a number of weeks. I started getting involved around August and produced a "How to" video on installing LCPDFR and solving any errors. This gained me tester status which I was extremely happy to had gotten.



I believe it was around December I was given the status of Junior Moderator due to my constant activity and general helpfulness on the forums, through this I got to meet Sam, Jay and eventually JAM-Justin35 and NicolaiB. They are a great group of guys that constantly screw about with eachother (although its mainly directed at Sam). Fast forward to 2016 and I'm still going strong, I've been through some extremely rough patches in my life recently but I've held my head high and gotten through it aswell as I've helped numerous people through times when they've thought there's no point in continuing. Apparently I'm an agony aunt.

Due to life commitments and the constant stress of moderating becoming ever more apparent, I left the site in late 2013. Although I followed the development of LSPDFR closely.

2016 is a new start, I'm in the process of looking at PC parts and putting together a new rig. As for the staff team? If Sam and the guys want me back on, fantastic.


I treat everybody with the same level of kindness and respect and only drift away from this if someone does the following

- Attacks others verbally

- Abuses the reputation system

- Tries to outsmart me on a subject when they have no knowledge on it and start becoming sarcastic towards me.


I've met some incredible people here since I joined, including the branching out to our FCRP adventure on SA:MP, these people are:


Sam - We haven't spoken much in the past few months, but thats mainly because I just haven't found the time to hop on teamspeak anymore. He's a fairly laid back guy who loves to rip on others with his dark yet hilarious humor. Also believes he is the next leader of North Korea and wants to be referred to as "The Supreme Leader"


NicolaiB - One of the funniest guys I've ever met, we've spent countless hours playing games such as NASCAR 2003 and ArmA 2 together and both share an extreme fondness of the British Touring Cars Championship


JAM Justin35 - Since he's working towards becoming a firefighter, we haven't spoken in a few months but I still consider him to be a great guy


Wmai20 - First met on FC:RP when he joined the staff team over there, we chat everyday and our steam chat logs are proof of the most random stuff we say to eachother, also he's American so he's always eating.


Original Light - Helped this guy with quite a few issues recently. He's a pretty laid back guy who is just trying to do the best he can

There are many others on my steam list that I've had some great online experiences with, feel free to hit me up on Steam anytime, I'm happy to talk.

If you have any questions that do not concern the installing or troubleshooting of LCPDFR, you are welcome to PM me.


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