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  1. 2016 Unmarked Charger

    Awesome! I love that template for the 2016 Charger. No handling issues with that template haha. I just saw that you updated the car, I'm excited to try it out! I'll leave a review after I try it out
  2. 2016 Unmarked Charger

    Okay. Is this the hurk template of officer underwood template?
  3. 2016 Unmarked Charger

    No spotlight? :(
  4. I am having an issue. So many cars at night are now driving without lights. It has gotten so annoying with the amount of cars that drive without lights that I have disabled the ambient event but it still happens, I still find lots of cars without lights on. Please help if you can.
  5. What charger is in the picture you used? (Marked 2014 Charger) The vehicle you listed is not the same as in the picture.
  6. Blaine County Sheriff's Office Pack

    Looks great! I just wish the lights had a more crisp look to them, they look really cyan and pink rather than not red and blue.
  7. Yeah I happy too that we have who work on these things. I love running traffic in the game, with out a doubt traffic stops are my favorite part of lspdfr, I'll keep trying to work with what we've got for now
  8. Love this pluggin. However ever sense the last update I am experiencing major fps drops as soon as I walk up to a car on a traffic stop. The rest of my game runs a little better but the fps is definitely being affected by this, everything else I have installed is up to date . I know its outdated and needs to be updated, just want to make aware
  9. Ford Explorer sound mod

    The sound bites sound great. Just needs to be louder
  10. Los Santos Police Department Pack (Inglewood Police, CA)

    Can't extract the files for some reason
  11. Los Santos Police (Pleasanton Police based)

    Good looking skins. Looking forward to seeing the unit numbers/divisions. I do hope you put "Los Santos" above where it says police, it'd help complete the skin. Also it'd help if you put the skins in their own separate folders according to their vehicles. I do like the skins nevertheless. Just trying to give some tips that make them greater. Looking forward to see how the skin pack turns out!
  12. Improved LSSD ped

    This and the LSPD ped pack are amazing! I seriously haven't used EUP in weeks because I can not stop using these peds. I look forward to future content you make, really hoping the see an "Improved CHP ped pack" like these packs. Anyways love the peds and keep up the awesome work!
    Great skins! Looking forward to seeing the other skins you'll add to this pack.
  13. 2013 FPIU suggestion

    Sorry if this isn't the place to post something like this. But I'd love to see someone make a 2013 FPIU with a wraparound push bar like the in the pic below and with the 2013 FPIU from Again sorry if this isn't the place to post this. I'll remove it if needed.

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