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  1. I kind of figured somebody would bring that up. Only reason I didn't do one for the Vic or Sedan was because Houston County only uses chargers, tahoes and untilities right now, haven't used crown vis since 1997. However, I am a huge fan of the vic so I may just release some fictional ones for it and the FPIS soon, It would be interesting to see if they work on a vic, I'll keep you posted.
  2. [ELS] BCSO Vehicle Pack

    This is an AWESOME pack and I love the lighting setup! Nice Work!
  3. Version 1.0.1


    Hey guys I finally got time to put together another texture pack, BradM released an AWESOME vehicle pack which I have linked below. This pack includes textures for either Los Santos or Blaine County in the style of the Houston County Sherriff's department, Houston County, MN. These look good in game (highly recommend a visuals mod as well) and I enjoy using them, hopefully you will too! The vehicles from BradM's pack are setup almost exactly like Houston County so realism is definitely spot-on. I even included a Minnesota Plate modified for the state of San Andreas, so these skins are100% lore-friendly. Enjoy! I've included a screenshot of a newer HCSO tahoe to show the decals in real life below. Link to BradM's pack:
  4. Has anyone actually encountered this before?

    After you said something I had to test this and sure enough. I went into the estuary by Fort Zancudo and checked some fishing licenses as a park ranger. I put the arrested person (license suspended) in the small boat and then drove them to open water and pressed 8 and sure enough, a police boat came and took them away. Very cool feature indeed!
  5. 4 seats police Dinghy (template inc.)

    I think the thing on the roof is a GPS/Radar unit, or something like that.
  6. OpenIV textures not showing up

    I finally found the source of the problem, for me it was one of my main directory x64e files had been corrupted.
  7. OpenIV textures not showing up

    IKR I now have to put several projects on hold til I can sort this out. I even tried re-installing OpenIV and repairing GTA5. Zilch.
  8. La Crosse County WI Law Enforcement Texture Pack

    Will do. Just send me a link to whatever els vehicle you want a texture for and I'll see what I can do. Also I was planning on finishing a high quality WSP skin tonight but OpenIV decided to quit working right so that is delayed for now :( Sneak peek:
  9. Hey guys i think I had this issue in the past but I can't remember what fixed it. For some reason OpenIV is not loading any vehicle textures and I'm not sure if i accidentally changed a setting or what, but does anyone know why this might be and how to resolve? (see pictures below) Thanks.
  10. La Crosse WI FPIU texture Ford interceptor Utility

    I've got a new pack that includes La Crosse County Sheriff's dept. check it out if you want to and tell me what you think :) Also feel free to request an agency and I'll do my best to replicate it
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This pack features textures (with links to models) for true-to-life replicas of the La Crosse County Sheriff and La Crosse Police vehicles. Included are textures for the Ford Interceptor Sedan (used by LCSD), Crown Victoria Interceptor (used by both LCSD and LCPD) and the Ford interceptor Utility (used by LCPD). I was originally going to upload only the sheriff textures but thought it would be better to compile everything into one download. This pack covers every kind of law enforcement vehicle used by both the LCPD and the LCSD. Any feedback is appreciated, thank you guys for the continued support, as always hope you enjoy! This pack uses vehicle models from: LVMPDFAN's 2011 CVPI POLICESCO's 2012 Ford Taurus Black Jesus Ford Interceptor Utility See the included readme for installation instructions and features. If you encounter any problems or errors please leave a comment, I'll try to help in any way I can. Helpful tip: I use the CVPI in police1 slot FPIS in police 2 slot FPIU in police3 slot This setup is the most realistic as LCPD primarily uses Utility SUV's for patrol with CVPI's as support units or K-9 function. County units (primarily Interceptor sedans) are headquartered at the same place as the city units (courthouse) and therefore share jurisdiction of the city along with the municipal units.
  12. Just uploaded an updated version where this is fixed. Thanks for pointing that out
  13. Great city with great looking cop cars! cool to know people who are familiar with my area, small world after all!
  14. Nope, but right by it. Other side of the river near La Crescent MN. I am hoping to get on the La Crosse Police Reserves in the next few months :) Currently getting ready to start studying criminal justice.
  15. La Crosse WI FPIU texture Ford interceptor Utility

    Honestly I couldn't tell you, I used some photos I took of the local squad cars for the graphics, that's why they are exact replicas. Thanks so much! glad you like it I may do some more in the near future ;)