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  1. Retro BCSO Pack [ELS]

    There is no way somebody finally did what I was dreaming of :O. Ever since I saw that youtube video showing Saginaw County Sheriff Department their unique but traditional lightbar, I've been wondering how it would look in GTA 5. Awesome job, dude! Thank you!
    I absolutely love your work. Everytime I see a file which has been uploaded by t0y, it's like being a child again and seeing presents underneath the christmas tree. Keep it up! :)
  2. That's a shame :/. Well thanks for your help anyways :).
  3. Hello guys, is there any way to add liveries on unmarked police vehicles by POLICESCO? For example this unmarked Tahoe. The problem is that even if I add FLAG_HAS_LIVERY in vehicles.meta, it still shows -1 liveries when I want to change it in the trainer. Thank you.
  4. Thank you a million times! Problem solved :).
  5. Hello, I've recently updated all my mods and since then I can no longer use Search Warrant plugin by Darkmyre. I've been having this issue when if I press F10 and the character finishes searching, a table with found items pops up and I can no longer press backspace to return in game. I get stuck with the table in the middle of the screen and there is no way to get rid of it. Any ideas? Thank you in advance for your time.
  6. Can't add vehicle components

    Yeah, I created another topic in GTA V Support section yesterday a few minutes after creating this one because I realised I might have posted it in the wrong section. I could no longer edit it though to tell you to delete it since I had created another one in the right section. I apologise and thank you for moving it. I always made sure I didn't have extra VCF when I wasn't using an ELS enabled model for that VCF, so that is not the case.
  7. Can't add vehicle components

    Even though I wasn't using ELS vehicles at the moment, I still had ELS installed. I've deleted ELS completely and the issue no longer lasts, I can now add vehicle all the components again. Any idea what in ELS in particular may be causing that?
  8. I will, but it really takes quite some time for the problems to appear, usually over half an hour. It's too late now (in Europe), could we do this tomorrow? Thank you very much for your quick replies and all the help and support :).
  9. Well there is not a single time I wouldn't use it while playing, I always use it at some point. It usually happens when I'm using it, when a flag or speed over the limit comes up I disable it and try to stop the vehicle and sometimes it doesn't work as I described. But yes, even if I don't use speed checker and just want to stop someone, there are times when I suddenly can't do that. This was also this case, I didn't use speed checker to catch the driver on his phone.
  10. For long, Patrol Toolkit has nothing to do with it, I've downloaded it just recently. I had this issue even before I had patrol toolkit.
  11. I've been now playing for a while, tried different situations and kept pressing shift at the end of every traffic stop. It obviously never really canceled anything since the driver always drove away after issuing a warning or a ticket. I've also tried cancelling it mid traffic stop, which worked always fine. It got cancelled and I could stop somebody else right away. I've tried using speed checker again and all worked fine. Then I pulled behind a driver who was on his phone (created by traffic policer), stopped him, got him a ticket for using a mobile device (through patrol toolkit updated with traffic offenses), then issued a warning through lspdfr+ traffic stop menu so that he could go away (you have to do that if you're using patrol toolkit since the two are not really connected together), he drove off, I got back in my vehicle, pressed shift again (just to make sure) and after this stop I could no longer stop anybody else.
  12. That's what I meant, yeah. Shall I then try pressing shift during every traffic stop (after the driver has been dealt with) to make sure?
  13. What do you mean by cancelling? I can cancel a traffic stop and when I do so, I can normally conduct another afterwards.
  14. Hello, is it me or is anyone else experiencing this issue? Sometimes, when I've been patrolling for a while and have conducted quite a few traffic stops, I'm not able to stop anybody else anymore. The Shift key suddenly stops respodning and I can't blip any vehicle. This very often follows after using speed checker (traffic policer script) prior to it. And sometimes it seems to happen after a callout. It seems to be so random though, even though the callout was ended successfully and there were no issues with it, the traffic stop refuses to blip a vehicle. Any ideas? Thanks.

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