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  1. Hi guys, Just getting back into GTA5 and see a lot of role-playing online these days...looks great fun Any suggestions as to whats the best one to join as police etc? Cheers guys Doug
  2. VocalDispatch

    Hi bro, Just reporting in that after the update it is working flawlessly! Superb recognition and commands followed now easily! Thanks heaps and cant wait for more! Will there be a time when it recognizes all the police 10 codes at all? Thanks for your top work on this!
  3. VocalDispatch

    Well the good news is that it has been working to some extent after i did the tutorial....some of the phrases i had to say in my best American accent like "code 4" and it recognized it... i do have the NZ language set as well as the US language installed... Has some great potential this... if only it recognized the key words only in the phrase rather than repeating all of my words that are completely wrong.. Good work and cant wait for updates and controller support!
  4. VocalDispatch

    Well this is great but sadly the voice recognition despite setting it up has trouble understanding my Kiwi accent i think...I also have to keep pushing ALT to communicate with dispatch...my understanding was that once done it should work without that...makes it hard when in a pursuit and one hand has to use the ALT key... If i talk really slow and deliberate then the commands work...but nowhere near as fast as you talk in the demo you have made Any suggestions? Great effort and truly a marvelous addon!
  5. Emergency uniforms pack - Law & Order

    Indeed it does! Thanks for your time!
  6. Emergency uniforms pack - Law & Order

    Hate to be a pain, but being fairly new to GTA5, how does one load a custom MP character in single player exactly? I normally start the game with a 100% save that i downloaded and then teleport to a station to go on duty... i really don't know how to get this MP model at all but would love to use this mod Any help much appreciated! Cheers Doug
  7. Thanks mate for the answer! Sorry for the hassle! :)
  8. HI there Albo, great mod and use it all the time..essential in my opinion...i had to reinstall everything yesterday but now i don't get the box appearing when i walk up to a car during a stop...not sure why as all installed correctly and works fine but no box saying whats in the car and how they are acting... any ideas of what i am doing wrong? Cheers Doug
  9. Thanks for that mate...i did insert those but the lines crashed the script sadly... not sure how do do this..anymore ideas? Appreciate your time though and happy to keep hunting for other animations as well :)
  10. Hi there, Great mod and use it all the time...i have been searching for other animations to try but do not know how to enter that into the .ini file to see if it looks ok... After searching online perhaps we can try the following: amb@prop_human_bum_bin@idle_a idle_a Seems to be a not too bad animation...see what you think...i would give it a try but dont know how! Cheers for that Doug
  11. Where to find animations?

    Thanks heaps mate! Now the fun begins!
  12. Where to find animations?

    Thanks heaps for that - but..er...i cant see where you are referring to? I found a YouTube video showing many animations but couldn't recognize the format.. Where is this list mate? Cheers Doug
  13. Bit of a technical one.... the ped search and vehicle search scripts allow for a change in search animation to make it more realistic.. Where do we find animations in GTA5 in order to change them and what would we view them in? Thanks for any help Doug
  14. Ah that's the thing... i hadn't played for quite some time and this version is the only version i have installed so cant compare it to anything before this really... Ill download an app i think that lets you see what the crash is related to..maybe shed some light on a very dismal time wasting process...so frustrating Much appreciate your help anyways Regards Doug
  15. Thanks heaps for your interest in this... lets answer those one by one.. 1. I had installed new cars und uniforms in the past in the mods folder...that has been deleted completely and the relevant OV asi files uninstalled 2. Specs are i7 - @4.6gig ; 16g ram; 2 x GTX670 SLI; 250g SSD + 120g for os...Win 10 64bit...1200w PSU...certainly powerful enough (unless its my overclock but has been stable for 3 years) 3. Yes -LSPDFR undated to latest version..uninstalled previous version and installed new version 4. Hmmm...i am not sure about this one...how do you reinstall just the update.rpf file? This could well be an issue..any help suggested here would be appreciated... Perhaps you are on to something here...the plot thickens! LOL Cheers for your help :)

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