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  1. CHP & LAPD Skin

    If I may, the resolution at the time was sent to 1280x720 with fx sent to ultra and whatever the other bloody one it is to enhance the lighting through Make visuals great and Rad V. Oh, and that pic was taken literally 15-seconds after a headon collision. No damage to anyother part of car though. That is all. :)
  2. CHP & LAPD Skin

    I thank you all for your opinions whether you liked or not. This project from my end is a closed. Have a great day. :)
  3. CHP & LAPD Skin

    thank you for your opinion. thank you for your opinion.
  4. CHP & LAPD Skin

    On future textures where I won't be attempting to preserve so much of the original veh. In this case, I needed a skin that could easily make into the story lore as a mythical CHP 350gtr Mustang. And that's what I got.
  5. CHP & LAPD Skin

    Thank you. Enjoy the skin my good sir.
  6. CHP & LAPD Skin

    The LAPD is def WIP. When I was finding a example to work off of for the CHP, I happened on that logo design for the LAPD. The CHP is the one I was more concerned with at the moment. I wanted to make sure I hit the logo on the back quarter, and find a good match for the doors.
  7. CHP & LAPD Skin

    Version 1.0.0


    Just a quick texture file I put together, and thought that I would share. This vehicle is available here, and looks good even when only badged for SAHP. But, if you are like me and what to give a consistent CALI-presence this skin for CHP will get you there.
  8. 2016 Mustang GT350R [ELS] [ADDON/REPLACE] [TEMPLATE]

    For my episodes, since i am 95% constant CA...I did make two textures for this vehicle. Because after using it I didn't want to be without it. I'll post them available soon, and with a link back here for the actual car. Great job on the vehicle. :)
    Very good plugin. I really enjoyed using it in my episodes, and live streams. Only issue I had, and why I did uninstall was sometimes a "lojack" event would be created at the same time of either another call-out, or be attempting to start at the exact termination point of a call out. I realize that this is a "random chance" error and you really can't "fix" it. The only reason I am stating it is so if someone else encounters the issue they know what it is, and won't rate the app badly.
  9. what if we cannot remember are passphrase? How do I reset to gain access?
  10. Dashcam V

    Great Mod. Only one thing to anyone who installs and uses this, and gets a "burglary in progress" call out is you have to use ctrl+E to enter the house. So, when you press ctrl+E to enter the house it flashes to your dashcam. Nothing crashes, and you can return to your character by pressing ctrl+E again, however, sometimes it will let you search the house for the perp, and sometimes it will teleport you, the perp, and the rest of the officers outside to complete the arrest. In short, you will want to change the default keyboard command to something other than ctrl+E. :)
  11. COPS: In the LSPDFR Matrix

    This is a new channel on youtube that is based on the patrols of LSPDFR and related plugins. Step In To The Matrix More screenshots available on FB However, this one is an all-time classic, proving you can't make some stuff up...Scenario, at the end of the call, I call for a tow truck, the tow hooks the car, and tries to turn wide (right then left)....The tow flips.
  12. Me too. The man says, as his back up engages in a gun fight with a new third party ped because of an accidental bumper bumping during my traffic stop. lol
  13. My workaround to the "big vehicle issue" for towing is simply call the insurance company. They come and collect the vehicle, and its done. May not be the most "real" thing going, but it solves the issue easily. :)

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