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  1. Murphy added a post in a topic: Brakelights Help   

    Please expand all sub directories under the hierarchy for the vehicle and post a picture or pictures of what you see here. It's a bit hard to help without this visual information.
    Also, if there are no brake lights on the vehicle, tail lights are automatically used by the game as both brake lights and tail lights (brake during day and night, and tail during night only).
  2. Murphy added a review on a file: IV Style Exit Vehicle (Engine on/off)   

    Thank you for the reviews, OfficerFive0 and vynlthrash!
    In this updated verison, gamepad support has been added, thanks to suggestions by mds818 of!
    Keysticks profile is included in the download with instructions.
    If a new method in GTA V LUA scripting for gamepad input is discovered, this file will be updated.
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  3. Murphy added a file in Script & Data File Modifications   

    IV Style Exit Vehicle (Engine on/off) v3.3
    Keysticks no longer required!All gamepads and controllers that have a key mapped to the 'Exit Vehicle' function in GTA V are now supported!NO MORE GLITCHES!
    No diving out of car animation glitchNo need to remap the key binding for 'Exit Vehicle'This mod enables you to leave your car running by pressing the 'Exit Vehicle' key when you exit, 
    or to turn it off by holding the 'Exit Vehicle' key... Just like in Grand Theft Auto IV!
    How to Install:
    Install Script Hook V: the LUA plugin: the "scripts" folder from the archive to your Grand Theft Auto V directoryDefault Hotkeys:
    Press the 'Exit Vehicle' key to leave vehicle with engine running (lights & radio will remain on)Hold the 'Exit Vehicle' key to leave vehicle and turn engine offNotes:
    Always back up your files before modifying your game! I am not responsible for any issues that may occurYou may not upload or distribute this file on any other siteYou may not copy, translate (to another programming language) or distribute this mod without permission!
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  4. Murphy added a post in a topic: Guess That Car!! (SET 2 IS OUT!!)   

    Eh, I don't care about winning. Just having fun. :D
    Besides, there's no way I can be on the Hall of Fame list. I had to look to figure out #1. Haha
  5. Murphy added a post in a topic: Guess That Car!! (SET 2 IS OUT!!)   

    ​Seems like the opposite. c:

    Notice how when mine says posted 2 minutes ago, yours says 1 minute. You missed me by seconds. Hehe.
  6. Murphy added a post in a topic: Guess That Car!! (SET 2 IS OUT!!)   

    Last try for me. Heh.

  7. Murphy added a post in a topic: Guess That Car!! (SET 2 IS OUT!!)   

    1. N/A - too hard to identify. Too generic.
    2. Cadillac Escalade
    3. Mercedes-Benz S-Class
    4. Chevrolet Tahoe
    5. Lincoln Navigator
    6. Mercedes-Benz M-Class
    7. Ford Taurus
    8. Dodge Durango
    9. Chevrolet Caprice
    10. Vapid Stanier Police Interceptor - LCPD
  8. Murphy added a comment on a gallery image: Stocked Garage   

    Keeping my garages stocked with the goods.
  9. Murphy added a comment on a file: Modern IV 2015 ENB   

    Thank you. I hope you've been enjoying it!​
    ​Thank you for your comment! I'm very glad that you've been having a good time with my ENB. :)