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  1. I don't do E.U.P anymore man I'm so sorry. the face's are already installed, just open your ytd file and import all the face pictures that you want enjoy.
  2. Oh that's completely fine Mr stickler. MR. STICKLER now I didn't see you on any of these files commenting on how they created their files lol. MR. STICKLER this just doesn't make any sense as to why this made you upset. also if it makes you feel better ill contact major Paine and see what he wants me to do.
  3. Also hank this isn't me being rude so please don't get upset man I have respect for everyone.
  4. personally I'm not the only one so you can go ahead and stop right there if that's an issue for you go on every ped file and complain, I do that so it's easier for the user ive been doing it for years now man come on dude. If majorpaine messaged me saying I'm not cool with what you have been doing since november ill gladly take them out its just going to be a lot harder for the user to install. ill also make sure that when ever someone confused on how to install ill tell them to message HANKVOIGHT FROM CHICAGO PD. NO buddy I just don't want to go back to eup man . sorry it wouldn't but maybe another dev will do it. It's also in the credits man I credit him on everything, I think we had an issue way back but that's because I didn't credit correctly which resulted in a talking too but, I always tell everyone that yeah I only did the textures MAJORPAINE2015 lol is the beautiful individual who made the ped. Like I said I have a lot of respect for the dude and if he messages me about this issue ill try to debate a better way, but if that doesn't work then ill take them out it's really simple and this is something you could have PM me about.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This mega pack is only the beginning of what we created all the hard work that we put into files man, anyways lets get to more important matters. This Pack includes the following lore friendly agencies in San Andrea'. 1. San Andrea's Highway Patrol 2. Blaine County Sheriff Department 3. Los Santos Sheriff Department 4. Los Santos Police Department extra. Mrkindness State police ped. Just wanted to say thankyou to everyone in this community, I truly love this community it's so amazing to be apart of a pro law enforcement community, also I want to personal thank every developer that contributed content to this site you guys are amazing in everyway. My goal on here has and will always be the same, which is to provide realistic content to support your law enforcement future or people who just want to experienced the thin blue line. I don't think I would have got this far if I wasn't passionate about this, law enforcement is a way of life not a job. you guys don't have too, but if you could private message me positive things to keep me going, its hard to stay motivated through so much darkness love you guys, I do this for you guys enjoy troop out. ONE MORE THING GUYS YES CLANS, EVERYONE CAN USE THIS PLEASE DONT ASK THIS IS FOR YOU GUYS. IF ANYONE KNOWS TROOPERTHOMAS FROM YOUTUBE TELL HIM HE'S MY FREAKING HERO LOVE THAT GUY SEMPER FI BROTHER.
    123 abc baby you and me CRINGE......... A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ AWSOME WORK TROOP APRROVED.
    keep working hard buddy you have talent a few errors but for your first or second texture great job.
  6. I don't do eup anymore and no lol it's a regular ped. type in Kentucky state police
  7. Ill ask windows but, there's nothing he can do that's how the lights are set up try different els xml files from different devs hope that helps buddy.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    JonnhyCZGc On these amazing photo's. JonnhyCZGc
  9. From the album Kentucky fried chicken

    awesome I love this, its really cool exploring other country's police departments.
  10. I never did anything with graphic designs, and I hated art classes but look at me now.
    Amazing buddy great work, I personally wouldn't know what a great Tahoe looks like, but I like older models especially Tahoe's. Windows is one of the most detailed developers out there when comes to realistic vehicles. Also one of the few devs that actually makes real life models and not another stupid ass lspd pack that's why I love this guy right here.
  11. My English went full retard I was on my smart phone hahahahah.