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  1. Completely sad people have to shoot cops to draw attention and this is the type of stuff the pisses me off. I don't like this, neither does anyone in this thread discussing it and sharing their opinions. People in the world right now don't see that the United States is all messed up with their current law enforcement situation. People hate cops and disrespect them because they enforce the law, doesn't mean the person or cop hates you, it means he's trying to do his job. Simple as that.
  2. Fire Station Map

    @cheesedude - Thanks man! Appreciate your commenting. @CrossFire - Yup, it's not too wide, but remember i'm releasing it because I closed my community and no one else had it but me. I was also bored one night so I made it. @aircorp - It's a custom by Fartnauker.
  3. Fire Station Possible Release?

    Anyone still looking for it, I've uploaded it and it's been released. '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  4. Version 0.2


    I thought of this idea while bored and decided to not release it for a while until I decided, if I were someone waiting, I'd want it released. So I release it to you fine ladies and gentlemen, my firehouse I made from scratch in the SNT. It took 1 hour to make. To install: Drag and drop into your Game Directory. To Spawn: You must have the trainer installed. Click F3 and go to: Object Spawning>More Specified Objects>Spawn all objects in Objects3.ini.
  5. Fire Station Possible Release?

    @ medmark - Yeah, not mine. @ Him1250 - Yup, it's his. Custom. @ Officer Vic - Well..i may add something like that. @ bradyg - Lol, I know right. Hopefully when I add more to it, i'll release it.
  6. Fire Station Possible Release?

    @bradyg - Absolutely. It would awesome, I'd make a second floor and stairs if that was possible.
  7. Fire Station Possible Release?

    @LCPD_OFFICER - It's a custom model. @theninja45 - Absolutely. I'll probably release it but I want to add some type of relaxing kitchen/living room area. So..yeah...Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it. Thank you both for your feedback. I absolutely love it.
  8. Would people want to see a SNT fire station I made..I mean...it's quite messy because i'm just starting to learn to map even though GTA 5 is coming out soon hah..But..I'll show you some pictures, and you tell me if you want it released, I was making it for my community until they said I should add onto it. So..This is like a scratch version for everyone learning, and if people don't want to add to it, no problem. Here you go:
  9. Want to play MP right now?

    I can also play tonight.
  10. [Skin] Jacksonville County Sheriffs Office Impala

    Nice job noah! :D 5/5, love the texture, amazing stripes + badge!
  11. 2nd! And also, love it, im from new jersey, it looks similar to be honest, very. 10/10, excellent skin, amazing model buddy.
  12. Anyone want to roast some marshmallows ?

    Man, i wished you released it..it was part of RPC3 Right? Mhm, Episode..idk :P. I understand though :D..Custom Vic = Sexy Vic.

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