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  1. Spotlight

    Try to reinstall it. If that won't work, will be useful for me if you will make a video showing it. I haven't meet this issue but maybe I can help you.
  2. Spotlight

    What do you mean by flicker?
  3. LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview

    There are some scripts wich replace that with some LCPD speeches. Just take a look and you will see that even if in 0.4 won't be added that you won't need it. Afaik there are no speeches for LSPD wich contains that. So they will need to use some files from another games maybe.
  4. LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview

    I am not sure about the flashlight but it may use the same effects that we can see in the officer's hand on the passenger side while patroling at night. I really love to see some existent features in the game expanded like this.
  5. LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview

    Maybe to have the entire scene recorded and to cut the important parts? For the dragging mode I think is possible to make it repeat the animation if we have a longer way to drop the suspect into the car. We can make some improvements but I don't think the entire scene cannot be used in some moments to make the work easier. The frisking animation I don't think it's the same from beta(not reused)so if you can make animations surely you can cut the longer and existing ones to be usable,right?
  6. LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview

    There is an animation of grabbing and putting the suspect into vehicle. They are used in a mission where you need to follow a celebrity while being chased by the police(I can't remember the name of the mission right now). So all we need is someone to script it to make it possible to be executed,like the arrest animation used in beta that we have.
  7. LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview

    I mean a spotlight mod wich actually rotate the turret,and maybe to make it happen we can make an invisible entity wich is tracked by the turret to be able to move it freerly,beside the tracking ability of a car or a ped. As for the megaphone mod,I will be glad to know if there is other than pursuit deterrence.
  8. LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview

    First I want an improvement for the spotlight for heli and police cars and to the megaphone.
  9. Spotlight

    This script can work online,like FiveM, if the others have installed it? Will be great to patrol online while the co-pilot is using the spotlight and eventuallly to track some players.
  10. Spotlight

    I have the following setting to use if you want to look exactly like the original one without be bloked the light when moving it backwards: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> -<VisualSettings> -<Default> <Color B="47" G="164" R="255"/> <CastShadows>true</CastShadows> <OuterAngle>11</OuterAngle> <InnerAngle>5</InnerAngle> <Intensity>6</Intensity> <Range>49</Range> <Falloff>11</Falloff> <VolumeIntensity>0.09</VolumeIntensity> <VolumeSize>0.55</VolumeSize> <CoronaIntensity>40</CoronaIntensity> <CoronaSize>1</CoronaSize> <Volume>true</Volume> <Corona>true</Corona> <Specular>true</Specular> <MovementSpeed>1</MovementSpeed> </Default> -<Helicopter> <Color B="80" G="80" R="80"/> <CastShadows>true</CastShadows> <OuterAngle>4.6</OuterAngle> <InnerAngle>0.5</InnerAngle> <Intensity>17</Intensity> <Range>290</Range> <Falloff>168</Falloff> <VolumeIntensity>0.6</VolumeIntensity> <VolumeSize>0.3499999</VolumeSize> <CoronaIntensity>20</CoronaIntensity> <CoronaSize>2.35</CoronaSize> <Volume>true</Volume> <Corona>true</Corona> <Specular>true</Specular> <MovementSpeed>0.5</MovementSpeed> </Helicopter> -<Boat> <Color B="80" G="80" R="80"/> <CastShadows>true</CastShadows> <OuterAngle>8.5</OuterAngle> <InnerAngle>5.5</InnerAngle> <Intensity>30</Intensity> <Range>80</Range> <Falloff>45</Falloff> <VolumeIntensity>0.05</VolumeIntensity> <VolumeSize>0.125</VolumeSize> <CoronaIntensity>20</CoronaIntensity> <CoronaSize>1.5</CoronaSize> <Volume>true</Volume> <Corona>true</Corona> <Specular>true</Specular> <MovementSpeed>1</MovementSpeed> </Boat> </VisualSettings> Paste it in the visual settings file after deleting the data inside.
  11. Is there a helicopter camera mod?

    You can also use the spotlight script and put in the visual settings this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> -<VisualSettings> -<Default> <Color B="47" G="164" R="255"/> <CastShadows>true</CastShadows> <OuterAngle>11</OuterAngle> <InnerAngle>5</InnerAngle> <Intensity>6</Intensity> <Range>49</Range> <Falloff>11</Falloff> <VolumeIntensity>0.09</VolumeIntensity> <VolumeSize>0.55</VolumeSize> <CoronaIntensity>40</CoronaIntensity> <CoronaSize>1</CoronaSize> <Volume>true</Volume> <Corona>true</Corona> <Specular>true</Specular> <MovementSpeed>1</MovementSpeed> </Default> -<Helicopter> <Color B="80" G="80" R="80"/> <CastShadows>true</CastShadows> <OuterAngle>4.6</OuterAngle> <InnerAngle>0.5</InnerAngle> <Intensity>17</Intensity> <Range>290</Range> <Falloff>168</Falloff> <VolumeIntensity>0.6</VolumeIntensity> <VolumeSize>0.3499999</VolumeSize> <CoronaIntensity>20</CoronaIntensity> <CoronaSize>2.35</CoronaSize> <Volume>true</Volume> <Corona>true</Corona> <Specular>true</Specular> <MovementSpeed>0.5</MovementSpeed> </Helicopter> -<Boat> <Color B="80" G="80" R="80"/> <CastShadows>true</CastShadows> <OuterAngle>8.5</OuterAngle> <InnerAngle>5.5</InnerAngle> <Intensity>30</Intensity> <Range>80</Range> <Falloff>45</Falloff> <VolumeIntensity>0.05</VolumeIntensity> <VolumeSize>0.125</VolumeSize> <CoronaIntensity>20</CoronaIntensity> <CoronaSize>1.5</CoronaSize> <Volume>true</Volume> <Corona>true</Corona> <Specular>true</Specular> <MovementSpeed>1</MovementSpeed> </Boat> </VisualSettings> The spotlight of the heli will look exactly like the original one and it won't be bloked the light backwards.
  12. First my favourite spotlight I made a simple test:I put Trevor in a frogger heli and I turned on it's spotlight(original,not scripted)and below Michael using the simple trainer to teleport. After both characters are in the same area,I left Trevor in the air and I become Michael. When I was looking at the heli I saw that it's spotlight started to move in search mode(I told you about it),rotating around in a simple half circle(like the police heli one spawned above Grove street sometimes). When I switched to Trevor again,the spotlight stopped but it remainsfocused on the groung,not in the front of the heli,also turned on. So I suggest to make a scrpit that will trick the game that you are a npc to trigger that search mode somehow. About animation I think you know that mission where you follow that drunk lady in a police chase(original missin by Rockstar). I was studying with my sniper and I saw a full animation of arrest and drag,open the door and put it in there. If LSPDFR somehow managed to execute the beta animations of arrest(for both player or cop and the npc)why we cannot do the same with the full arrest animation given here. Shoud be in the game files. Will be a great improvement in the roleplay. Please think about it and try to spread my ideas. We all need an upgrade sometime,car and uniforms packs aren't enough.
  13. No more "KIFFLOM" UPDATED

    Hey Officer Wade! I am really glad to meet finaly someone talented on audio files modding. If you can will be great to improve the realism of the game with my idea,and you can't deny that this thing missed. Look,if you know about how LSPD megaphone works you will understand me. When in a pusuit,you use only megaphone speeches with insults,right? But in a traffic stop when horning the game reads the most used speech lines without any insults. That applyies on all male cop characters(I haven't try to be a female cop yet). All that I want is to make somehow to change the speeches between them or to add more speeches for each cop character,since the audio files are pretty limited(4 or 5 speeches per character). So if you will done this will be awesome.
  14. Police megaphone quotes

    One more thing: do you know anybody who can do that? If yes,let me know who or talk to him by yourself.
  15. Police megaphone quotes

    If you take a look on pursuit deterrence mod you will see that he somehow changed the traffic stop speeches with the pursuit ones. Can you ask him about that or somebody else that you think knows?

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