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  1. Uploading a pic isn't really an option right now, my internet is being retarded. That said everything looks to be in the right place, if you have the instructions for the manual install I'll run through that and see if everything is there.
  2. More or less, that I don't have EUP L&O installed and that it needs to be installed.
  3. Yep, when I start the game the message pops up and F11 doesn't show the menu.
  4. Nope, the RagePluginHook log doesn't provide any detail either.
  5. So the menu keeps telling me I don't have EUP law and order installed, I do have it install along with the Serve and Rescue pack. What gives?
  6. yes

  7. What is an ando from youtube and what are modded subs? Is like a fake sub thing?
  8. I'm doing a pass over it, trying add much detail as possible, the dash/interior lighting and dials are next on the agenda. I've already done some other adjustments that aren't as visible (mainly mats). Backs, pussies and cracks?
  9. At least it's not VicPol or worse NSWPF shudders.
  10. How wheel arches should look.....
  11. My two favourite things

    Rule 34.
  12. Maybe, I did change up the pattern slightly since capturing that.