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  1. [CRITICAL/URGENT] Endless GFWL Fails

    1) attempted multiple Game re-installs 2) attempted multiple patch(UpdateTitle.exe) updates - this is where things fail...when wanting to update to patch to check titleupdate.log 3) attempted multiple GFWL re-installs 4) attempted multiple Securom removals before re-installing Game When running LaunchGTAIV.exe or GTAIV.exe, it pops up with the WS10 error and have attempted any video fix I could find but those didn't work and I've consulted Rockstar Games but... things are still being investigated from their side and even they've not found the solution as of yet. From the looks of things, this is somewhat of a common issue, kind of shocked I hadn't found any other post in the forums here on LCPDFR about it. Although, having said that, at this point right now, nothing seems to be working...I need options please. Yes, even before you ask, I ran everything as an Administrator to give myself the proper-related account privileges on Windows.
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  6. Waterloo Regional Police Textures

  7. LAPD-Pack

  8. Code 3 Mastercom Siren


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