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  1. Newport Police | 2013 Charger | My First Skin

    I am looking into doing that at some point!
  2. Newport Police | 2013 Charger | My First Skin

    It's missing Newport News under it xD, Again this is my first skin so expect improvements in my next pack
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is my first skin, If you seen any improvements I should make please let me know, But if you like it enjoy! If you want to see a pack out of this let me know. Vehicle Used for Skin!!
  4. Help with my mods.asi

    Earlier I attempted to play on our FiveReborn server for GTA V, I asked if anyone knew how to install and ENB on FiveReborn a person helped me and I thought everything was perfect keep in mind i have OpenIV.ASI inside my main GTA V folder and Mods.asi in my plugins folder for fivereborn thats with all the ENB inside so when I load into the server (on the loading screen my grame crashes) I thought it was just a normal crash now everytime I put mod.asi in my game it will crash it and when I removed it I was able to get ingame. Does anybody know how to fix this error? How do I get my ENB and siren to work ingame without it crashing if you know then please reply thanks.

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