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  1. '13 Tahoe Palm Beach County Sheriff

    Awesome thanks, hey I like your skin for the tahoe. I released my PBSO pack and that was the first ever serious pack I tried and back then I couldn't get the stripes to not be 1 ft thick on the tahoe. Yours looks much better nice.
  2. '13 Tahoe Palm Beach County Sheriff

    What fuel mod are you using? I've tried a couple but non seem to work.
  3. [WIP]County Callouts Pack [ALPHA]

    They're alright at best. We all have to start somewhere but I would like to see different locations for the same callouts because responding to the same exact spot is boring and breaks rp for me personally. The callouts in its current stage are playable, just don't get excited when you get a notification because you will be repeating the same task each time in the same spot. Thanks for the variety in callouts though its different and nice.
  4. Ford Police Interceptor Series Hubcaps

    I prefer these over the cvpi and charge wheel packs. I have all three installed but this looks amazing on my all white 14 charger. Don't know why but they do thanks.
  5. Virginia Tag Pack

    This is amazing, I would like to see more variety. I know down here in Roanoke we've got vt plates and plenty more. Hope you expand on this, but I love it. I made a bedford county sheriffs skin pack and this will just tie everything together thanks
  6. Old tractor retextured Ford

    No, its lspdfr.com, a police rp mods hosting website not a website for you to post random things. Nice or not, all I'm saying and others agree to an extent is that this site is only for police, fire, ems, city dot things like that not 'Old rusty tractor textures'. But its whatever, your mod, your decision on where to upload it and if the mods on here don't have a problem with it then I guess its alright. Just my two cents, not trying to be an ass if it came across that way.
  7. Old tractor retextured Ford

    This is nice, but it needs to be on GTA5mods.com
  8. Lspdfr Causing texture loss

    It was in combination with albos AM and my 4096 x 4096 textures. I kept the 4k res but had to reduce the overall size to 2048 x 2048. But it runs better now than it has in months. So excited because I finally got around to creating my counties textures with an all blue argent bar. Looks amazing and runs smooth for the most part.
  9. Albo I have used this mod since it was released, but this new version is messed up. Whenever I install arrest manager and force duty it cause my texture to dispensary and what not. Like this
  10. Lspdfr Causing texture loss

    UPDATE: I removed all of my plugins and what not except for albos stuff and loaded up lspdfr and forced duty. Then the texture shit started happening. I will update this again after I figure out which one is causing it. I have figured it out! I started putting plugins in one by one then by multiple. So all I had left were Albos plugins, I started with arrest manager and hit force duty and texture loss started happening, so I quite and took it out and putt all of albos other plugins in and boom nothing happened, works perfectly. Does anyone know if it is a download issue or is arrest manager messed up?
  11. Lspdfr Causing texture loss

    I've done all of this I've reinstalled lspdfr, update all of albos shit reinstalled RPH. I played that game for a hour without lspdfr, ran great then I put lspdfr in and forced duty then texture loss and frame drop.
  12. Lspdfr Causing texture loss

    This is the shit its doing now after I've reinstalled lspdfr and updated all of albos stuff. Sorry for the fowl language just very very frustrating. Keep in mind that without lspdfr enabled the game runs perfectly sold frame rate no texture loss nothing, once I hit f4 and type force duty that when I get pissed and all hell breaks loose.
  13. Lspdfr Causing texture loss

  14. Lspdfr Causing texture loss

    Im at school right now, but I will try when I get home. I might have to ask how to upload it, is it just a .txt file or is it something else. And is it in the RagePluginHook crash folder or whatever its called or is it in the directory?
  15. Lspdfr Causing texture loss

    Thats what I was afraid of and really am not looking forward to this.

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