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  1. The new update will have that
  2. Should already support multiple
  3. Hopefully will be done with that park soon.
  4. From the album Downcoldkiller's stuff

    Little project for a clan. Doing their fire vehicles and they asked for a new ambulance, hope to not disappoint (; Based as closely off Blair Township as possible

    © D-Town Productions 2017

  5. Not sure if thats good or bad Yes the board does rise and lower, just cant lay flat because of ELS. If I lay it flat than when you raise it, it's at to much of a downward angle to see that arrow LEDS The model is actually really high quality with a HQ interior and detailed front end. The wheels are going to be changed when I get around to it
    Good looking model, you made a Christmas tree with just the right amount of lights. Personally not a fan of the license plate lights (only cause I haven't seen them much in RL) but still look good! Did a great job, we should work on a project sometime (;
  6. First off it's extremely rude for you to comment such a thing on persons gallery image. If you don't like them then don't click on them. Second you can't speak for everyone in this community in saying "no one wants to see" etc there are thousands of people here I'm sure someone enjoys seeing different images from different games. Don't be rude and comment something negative like that on here. It's not needed.
  7. From the album Downcoldkiller's stuff

    Some new units in the works (;

    © D-Town Productions 2017

  8. I'll have to check it out and see if the LOD's are messed up. Thanks for pointing it out!
  9. What is your detail scaling set at? If it's low then the draw distance won't be as far as if it's higher
  10. Yeah I'm aware of the issue but since we found a better cab we decided to work on that instead. New update with the new cab is coming along nice
  11. How so?
  12. Damn AMR rocking one sexy looking ambulance (;
  13. Because thats what the RL model has that I based this model off of. No one has been able to give me for sure credits.
  14. Just replace the .yft with the _hi file. Simple as that Ill fix that though @HTownman77 file has been updated and .yft has been added (: