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  1. Minnesota State Patrol

    I'd love it for the FPIU....i already have one for the FPI....they don't have much else for state squads anymore other than that...they do use tahoes sometimes so maybe one of those....but they mostly use the FPI or FPIU
  2. 2015 [ELS] Los Santos Police Tahoe

    Absolutely love the mountain design on the one car. I ran into an issue trying to make it the only skin though, and not sure if its because of how its written or not but, I tried to delete taho_sign_01 and 02 and rename 03 and 04 as 01 and 02, but the car would come up as green! Someone on discord helped me with a workaround but not sure if i messed something up somehow or whatever but..the car looks FANTASTIC!
  3. Not sure what’s going on, please help.

    yes as it works for me. is it still starting the first time, then not starting after you close out again or is it not working at all anymore?
  4. any easy way to pinpoint a problem?

    i knew the last 3, and i thought i had fixed what i screwed up, apparently i was wrong lol....oh well....thats ok there were some cars in there i didnt want anymore lol
  5. any easy way to pinpoint a problem?

    I ended up deleting and restarting over...not a huge deal lol
  6. good lord thats a shiny car lol
  7. Not sure what’s going on, please help.

    you ad your gta folder to your exceptions list...google how to add file exceptions for a folder for _________ (the blank spot is where you put in what type of antivirus you have)
  8. any easy way to pinpoint a problem?

    so my GTA has been crashing, I've changed mods folder to _mods, game launches.....so i know its in there somewhere. I had tried to add a coroner skin pack, which then caused the game to fail. I went in and deleted the files, but forgot to replace them with the original doc skins...so i went in and redid that...still crashing. that was the last thing i did before the crashing. If i can't get it figured out i'm just going to delete my mods folder and start over, but i'm wondering if anyone has a better idea on how to pinpoint whats causing the crash? I'll load my log file if that helps any??
  9. Not sure what’s going on, please help.

    go into your antivirus and add the game to your exceptions list
  10. Not sure what’s going on, please help.

    when you start rage, click the settings icon when it starts to populate. Then go to the last line which will be game settings, click that and then click command line switches....make sure you have force windowed mode checked. then you can open fullscreen in game
  11. well it turns out i copied over the wrong file...i think i never saved my changes lol...so now t get rumbler. However i believe that hi-lo tone isnt a rumbler siren in real life either so, not that much of a surprise there
  12. think you could help me figure out my siren issue? I installed the federal siren smart siren with rumbler, i followed the steps where you extract the oac file to your desktop, replace the files, import it into the game...the tones definitely changed, but its not the rumbler sound...
  13. Is there a shortcut or a way to create a shortcut to hit a panic button without having to open police radio and hitting the buttons a few times? I usually have to do that while trying to get out of a car or hide or do something else, and it'd be nice if it was a quick button to hit instead of trying to fumble with the keyboard AND controller at the same time. TIA!
  14. i don't have a x64e file after mods? what am i missing?

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