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  1. Backup Issue

  2. Backup Issue

    since the new update came out and ragehook dont have that latest version. i have backup for the last verison but after i install the old verison. it automatically start downloading newer version.
  3. 2014 [ELS] Unmarked Dodge Charger

    Great Model Only thing is the push bumper is too big. Personal Preference would be a Setina Push Bumper PB400 Grill Guard
  4. (Request)New Jersey State Police

    @Candice any doesnt matter i was wondering if you can change this NJSP Tahoe Skin to black Please :D
  5. (Request)New Jersey State Police

    do you have any cvpi NJSP skin? you get a trophy for participate :D
  6. (Request)New Jersey State Police

    i am sorry to say she did but i appreciate your efforts bro
  7. NJSP Strong

    where did u get the cvpi skin cuz i cant find it if i do the esl dont work right
  8. (Request)New Jersey State Police

    Brother do what u need to. Just make it amazing 💪🏽
  9. Hey guys I was wondering if one of you guys can create a full NJ State Police Vehicles and Skin Mod with the latest vehicles. http://www.autospies.com/images/users/Agent00R/images/njsp_ghost_4.jpg
  10. LSPDFR and RDE

    where is located at though?
  11. LSPDFR and RDE

    which folder are you suppose to replace them in? because i am having the same issue my mods cars dont work only the orginal gta 5 vehicles spawn not modded ones. i read the threads and it dont tell what folder do i have to put it in? like i m trying to install this mod what would i need to do in order to make it work
  12. Please Delete Wrong Section

    Please Delete Wrong Section

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