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  1. Issue with ELS

    This may sound odd because it is, I've never heard of it before. My ELS cars do not have priority nor hi-lo (aka 3 and 4 keys) working, however if I go on the 2 key and press T I can hear priority, any help? If I didn't explain it clearly enough let me know in the comments below. P.S. I'm using TWISTED's ELS LAPD/LASD Pack from a while back.
  2. Question about FiveM

    I only ask because currently I have the vanilla folder connected to Steam, and the one with my mods in another location, but when I try to launch RPH it keeps saying it cannot hook.
  3. Question about FiveM

    I was wondering, how could I have my folder with mods be my main directory, and FiveM launch from another unmodded one?
  4. DOJ cars

    Correct, however I am pretty sure the vehicles themselves are, just not the textures.
  5. ELS not activating in game

    Did you install the ELS VCFs correctly by putting them into GTA 5 folder > ELS > pack_default ?
  6. [ELS] NYPD Mega Pack

    4.5/5 so it rounds up to a 5. Now first off, you did an amazing job making this. The quality of the textures and the time you put into this paid off, as a native New Yorker like t0y you did a great job. There are some things that aren't as accurate as can be however. For example, I see you placed the SRG patch onto the car like in real life onto the 2016 FPIU SRG DCU texture (great job on that), however on other skins like the SRG 1 on the 2015 FPIU car or the ESU and CRC skins on the 2016 FPIU it is not included. In real life, CRC and ESU have been starting to do the same by putting their patch the same place where you placed it or in between the car's number and the division it's assigned to. Another thing is that some vehicles don't have the new rotating lights, for example, the new FPIUs don't whereas all should have rotating lights like you put on the marked Impala. However, this is just nitpicking and not that big of a deal. On the bug side of things, I've noticed on some of the cars the lightbars are a bit buggy, I have had it where the lights flashing would become flashing boxes and it is kind of an annoying issue, however it is possible I am the only one who has this. To sum it up? Not as accurate as can possibly be, but clearly a lot of time and effort was put into it and the overall outcome is fantastic. I would definitely recommend this to others.
  7. Yes it was TwistedScopes the one I was referencing and I think that's the same you are, I agree that it's likely never going to be re-released. But I have seen Scuderio's, it looks promising.
  8. After (I forgot who) deleted it, I haven't had any help from Google searches at all...so, anyone know of any ELS LAPD/LASD cars? Would greatly appreciate it. If this belongs in another section, apologies.

    !!!!!!!!! Great job, All we need now are some LSSD cars and a skin pack lol.
  10. Kallus Rourke (And Others)

    Just throw an advanced sniper rifle away
  11. Help! Sirens and lights not working

    By "honk button" do you mean E? But doing what Rourke said should work.
  12. Best Glock replacement

    Definitely is.
  13. ELS lights really dim

    You need to install RadianceV, which can be found here.
  14. 2015 Tahoe PPV SoundOff Interior Nforce Light bar

    Great job, would rather have a US Government license plate but /shrug