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  1. Brighter ELS

    Search for tutorials on the internet and Youtube on how to use ELS for GTA V, I'm sure someone has already made this :)
  2. GTA IV Not Launching via Steam?

    Yes, downgrade to version, and check google to find how :)
  3. Mini-LSPD Livery Pack (based off of Chesterfield, MO)

    I'd be interest in knowing what makes your skins ELS exactly. ELS is for models, skins are just .png files, so it's really misleading and innapropriate to put ELS in the title just for skins.
  4. My thoughts are that it took me way too long to scroll down all those pictures :p
  5. FPIU Explorer Delta Police Skin for Captain14 LSPD Pack

    You know it would have been much more practical for everyone if you actually released all those skins in a single download instead of 3 separate files... ;)
  6. San Andreas State Police CVPI skin with ELS

    How is your skin ELS exactly? It doesn't make sense to put ELS in your skin, your skin is just a skin, a .png picture, ELS is to describe a car model... =/
  7. Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen and Stellaris for me, and Final Fantasy III, V, VI and Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen for my boyfriend :)
  8. The Kotori-Cruiser V2 - 2016 Fjord Exploder

    I wish I could see the joke =/
  9. Problem with car models

    Searchbar... :)
  10. Who's ready for Christmas? :D

    I like the roll of toilet paper right next to the PC ;)
  11. ELS skins??

    Don't question it, some people are ready to do anything it takes to get their little moment of glory and get 10 more downloads than the usual 50 they get... :p
  12. Attack in Berlin

    I'm sorry but... what story are you talking about? We were talking about the story of a guy being kicked out of the plane he was on before taking off, even being checked by the british police just because he spoke arabic in the plane, when on phone with his mom. He filmed the whole process of him being kicked out, and even British Airways said they'd conduct an internal investigation. So, I really don't know what story you call fake...
  13. Help yourself to a bit of Christmas spirit!

    Every time I walk into a store and hear yet again another christmas song playing on a loop all day everyday of the week for the whole month of december, I feel like I'll slaughter little cute kitties and offer them to whatever demon could relieve me from this horrible fate. Christmas songs are okay, when it's once in a while. But that's never once in a while... :(
  14. ELS V - Why I Won't Use It For A Couple Weeks

    I said that I won't use ELS V as of now because I had trouble with ELS IV (amongst other reasons I explained before). I didn't say ELS V was unstable, I didn't say ELS V was making people's games crash, I didn't say ELS V was crap, anywhere. I'm just doing that based on my personal opinion. As far as I know, this topic is "Why I won't use ELS for a couple of weeks", not "Why ELS V is good and anyone saying the contrary is wrong". I replied to the thread with my personal experience and opinion from previous iterations of ELS, that's all. So don't claim that I could make people wary of ELS V or anything, because it isn't true. You like ELS V and use it and advice people to do the same, good for you, I personally don't use it, but I don't tell people to do the same. ;)
  15. ELS V - Why I Won't Use It For A Couple Weeks

    You're making me say what I didn't say, but hey, whatever floats your boat, people are free to have their opinions about things ;)

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