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  1. Texas DPS 2013 F-350

    Alright I can do that. Appreciate the feedback
  2. Texas DPS 2013 F-350

    Version 1.1.0


    This is a Texas State Trooper skin for downcoldkiller's F-350 CVE
  3. '13 Tahoe Palm Beach County Sheriff

    Thanks man I like them. Especially the charger and FPIU
  4. '13 Tahoe Palm Beach County Sheriff

    You're welcome man. I wasn't aware you had made a PBSO pack. Do you still have those files? If so I would love to know which vehicles you had used. I was thinking of making a mass pack of my own including a bunch of different vehicle models
  5. '13 Tahoe Palm Beach County Sheriff

    I'm using the LeFixSimpleFuel Mod found on gta5-mods.com https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/lefix-simple-fuel
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Palm Beach County Sheriff Skin for the 2013 Tahoe. Vehicle in Screenshots is from the BCSO_ECSO sheriff vehicles pack based off Escambia County, FL. I was unable to find the vehicle pack on LSPDFR.com anymore. However, this skin will fit any '13 tahoe with the same template. Skin is not perfectly accurate.
  7. How do you make the handheld radar gun work while you are in a vehicle? I changed the model for the gun to replace the flaregun instead of the default marksman pistol. Does this affect it? Please help
  8. [4K] Los Santos Police Pack(Dallas Style Textures)

    does anyone have the files for the '06 tahoe??
  9. where did you get that actual radar gun model?????
  10. [4K] Los Santos Police Pack(Dallas Style Textures)

    Definitely would love to see Frisco, TX Police Dept!!!
  11. '15 Tahoe Palm Beach County Sheriff

    I just copied someone else's Palm Beach County skin and reworked it for the Tahoe. So if stuff is incorrect then it's from the original source. I'm not from Florida or anything so accuracy wasn't a huge concern of mine. I just really enjoyed the CVPI skin previously released and just edited it to fit the Tahoe. I may make changes in the future and take your suggestions into account, but for now what you see is what you get
  12. '15 Tahoe Palm Beach County Sheriff

    I'll add those in for ya bud. The original template didn't include a spot for plates, but I'm sure I can fab some in there
  13. Version 2.0.0


    Palm Beach County Sheriff skin for the 2015 Tahoe Tahoe in screenshots comes from this pack: (skin will work on any other 15 Tahoe with same template)
  14. Texas DPS Skin for GT 350R

    Version 1.0.0


  15. FHP Skin for Mustang GT350R

    Just added some bud

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