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  1. Christmas Tree 2013 Tahoe pack

    I'm having the same issue but bar is wider at certain angles, i'll try and post a photo later
  2. Christmas Tree 2013 Tahoe pack

    Please keep them coming. Awesome as usual.
  3. Modding DLC Pack V

    hi Albo1125, I cannot update to this version due to a problem with the assembly.xml per error by openiv Correction, openiv states it cannot find the assembly.XML in the file. error type is the " error reading packaged file"
  4. 2016 ALParger (Charger)

    In what region of your brain where you hiding this? Awesome!!!!
  5. Custom Backup

    You made my night!!!
  6. You wonderful genius!!!
  7. Custom Backup

    Hi PNWParksfan, on the next version of your mods Custom Backup and Better EMS could add a life flight to it? Rural areas and traffic jams. I know you are working on Coastal Callouts.
  8. 2013 Tahoe w/ Legend

    Please keep this going. Sheriffs with this lightbar?
  9. Speed / Radar Gun

    Awesome!!! I know genius takes time so I' ll wait but your work is always good.
  10. Speed / Radar Gun

    @timnboys when would your lidar model be complete?
  11. Back to LSPD

    I had an eyegasm. Looks gorgeous.

    Its already included in the pack its Hurk based CVPI. I currently use that vehicle. My bad it's not in this pack sorry. I was thinking of this pack;
  13. Los Santos Noir

    @Fiskey111, how can I replay my cases? the last case which is the drive by, when I went for the arrest my arrest raid backup whacked my suspect. He was surrendering and they pistol-whipped him to death. https://gyazo.com/51d5758ba7947810dd6bbafa67f15a47 https://gyazo.com/8f0a6ea3804be638247f44ac6530faad https://gyazo.com/d09f2e9638f32776d0421f3298101b42
  14. The boys are back

    You're releasing a fire engine awesome. Can't wait.
  15. Cadillac "The Beast" Presidential State Car BETA

    Rolling through Los Santos with this as the VIP car and your sspres as escorts no trouble the whole way. This thing is fierce but, you do know the new beast is coming? https://www.trucks.com/2017/09/18/general-motors-presidential-limo-spy-shots/

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