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  1. @TheDivineHustle I'm referring to what the average people do when an attack like that happens. I know that Islam is a religion, and not a race, and even I might be a Muslim (but actually I ain't).
  2. Say whatever you want about my thoughts, but that's what I say: It's not about to pray for what you care about. It's about to fight for it. Because this is the way to defeat your enemy.
  3. Were you at the concert last night?
  4. Anyway, I hope things will get better.
  5. @Constable Lego It always goes on like this. Same for the Parliament attack in London, the Berlin market attack, Nice, Paris, and the list goes on and on. What did it change?
  6. They just made a movie about CHP.
  7. Manchester attack protocol: 1) Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. 2) The man was a lonewolf. 3) If you claim otherwise #1 and #2, you're a racist bigot freak. 4) Post a profile pic on Facebook using the flag of the country where the attack happened as filter. 5) Hold a march with candles and flowers around the streets with the Muslims living in your city. 6) Wait for the next attack. 7) Repeat.
  8. @AndyAlmighty Well, keep it up!
  9. I found out your update, great job! You even added a brand new callout. But just a quick question: does the Bar Fight callout have anything added on, like the Gang Shooting callout?
  10. Great! You give me one more reason to roll in LA as a CHP cop.
  11. @PhillBellic As far as I know, sheriffs are elected by the citizens because it's a typical tradition in the United States, since 1776. So I guess you want the federal government to make a reform.
  12. In fact, I said "until January 2017".
  13. So you're going to release the 1.5 version? And maybe for this weekend or the next week? I wait your confirmation, it's up to you.