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  1. Busted 2014 Silverado

    Any progress on this?
  2. [4K] Region of Peel

    Very nice and well made pack!
  3. Unmarked 2017 CamaroCat ZL1

    Another sexy ass unmarked model. 5 stars because it's awesome.
  4. In need of Toronto Police Cars

    Ya Toronto uses a variation of the MX7000. I already have the lightbar file that was custom made. Once again just need someone to make it lol
  5. In need of Toronto Police Cars

    I think you're misunderstanding what I mean. I dont want skins. I need car models. Ones with the actual PROPER lightbar. Which I can supply to anyone who is willing to do the cars. Trust me ive looked around lcpdfr before.
  6. Hey everyone. I am in need of Non-ELS Toronto Police cars (specifically: CVPI, FPI, FPIU, Suburban). I have the light-bar and everything. I just need a skilled modeler to be able to do it, someone who knows how to make rotators work for Non-ELS. PM me and we can work something out. I'll attach pictures of the cars.
  7. Toronto Skin For Thehurk's Explorer

    It looks great! Very well made skin. Only thing that should be changed is the logo/badge. TPS uses a blue version of that logo on their cars. Other than that it looks great, good job!
  8. CAT 797 Mod Caterpillar 797

    I like it. Big trucks please me.
  9. Zmodeler 2 Exporting Issue GTA IV

  10. Zmodeler 2 Exporting Issue GTA IV

    nah gotta figure this out
  11. Zmodeler 2 Exporting Issue GTA IV

    Haha yeah. And I appreciate it. I'm trying to get my friends to help but they're all busy lol
  12. So I made a CVPI in Zmodeler 2, when I finished it I exported it. Settings for export were: Locked = Checked, Store Textures = Unchecked, Sliced Model = Checked. And I put it into OpenIV. I tried viewing it in OpenIV, all of that was good. But when I went in game and I tried spawning the car through the console, it came up with an unable to create object error, and if I tried spawning it through the trainer the trainer just froze. Does anyone know the reason for this? Or has anyone experienced this issue before? I didn't get any errors when exporting or anything. I'm new to modelling in Zmodeler so any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  13. Noose Mobile Command Center

    Public Model?
    Very nice textures. Excellent job.

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