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  1. medic4523 Screenshots

  2. Its a daily thing

  3. [ELS] Ambulances | Dodge Ram Regular Cab, Chevy Van

    Send me a PM with screenshots and a description if you can. I have made some changes, but haven't pushed out the update yet.
  4. Fleet Update

    I'm battling some graphic setting issues right now. I'd lay the blame on my graphics, not the trucks.
  5. Emergency uniforms pack - Serve & Rescue

    I understand. Thank you for the reply!
  6. Emergency uniforms pack - Serve & Rescue

    @Alex_Ashfold what are your thoughts on expanding the fire uniforms to include white shirts (and collar brass) for battalion, deputy, and fire chiefs?
  7. Freightliner/Braun Ambulance for LSFD

  8. Ragehook not hooking

    @Kallus Before I royally screw this up again... can you please explain that procedure to delete and replace? Wanna make sure I get the correct deleted, etc. on the first try. Thank you!
  9. Silverado

    Dig the skin ;)
  10. San Andreas Fire Rescue

    Daaaang. That green looks good on my trucks. Strong work! I should probably push out my update. Haha
  11. Squad Update:

    He is correct. That video was recorded while using Ladder Control Mod. I do have someone looking into custom writing a script with mlre options. Wanna help? Haha
  12. Maze Bank Arena First Due

    If you look at the progression of photos over the last couple of months you'll see that vehicles and features continue to be added to the fleet/pack. I am not interested in releasing 10 single models, but would rather release a full pack. So, for now, they're for show and collecting feedback from what people like/don't like about the models already. But they'll be released when they're good and ripe. PS. I see you have some trucks for GTA IV... if you're interested in sharing parts, I'd be more than happy to develop a larger rescue, tanker, and quint using your parts and this chassis. Message me.
  13. Updated 2014 Pierce Velocity

    Would love to get a crack at this model! Nice looking chassis.
  14. Engine Co 17: Final Inspection... Tank level lights added

    If I can find the parts to make a tower/ladder I would love to... they are hard to come by though.
  15. New Grapeseed Fire Station 10

    I actually updated the Map Editor after making this station... now I can't get this station to load anymore. Haha. I'll keep trying though.

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